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Kele Okereke

He just can't decide what he wants to be can he? The singer in worn out Brit band Bloc Party, fun electronic troubadour and now folk influenced confessional singer songwriter. Whichever style he pursued once thing is for certain  - his lyrics (and his music for that matter) never seem to get any better. ...view item »

Bloc Party

Just look at them. I don't know about you but the only thing I ever really liked about Bloc Party was the drummer. But he's not in it now and the band seems to be more of a Kele Okereke solo project than ever. Where does Bloc Party start and Kele end? Answe...view item »

Bloc Party

Here come Bloc Party with their new single. Any edge they once had has now been sniffed up by the music industry hoover. This is catchy indie-pop that would fit snugly onto the Steve Lamacq/Zane Lowe show. It's lively, it has a decent tune but its no different from a million other bands that have come, had their time and now wor...view item »

Bloc Party

There are some definite 4-star songs on this album as well as some 2-star songs.... which brings me to a lower 3-star rating for Four. Mostly I'm just confounded by the disjointedness of the entire work - it's Bloc Party in places and just very odd experimentation in others. I'm all for a band branching out but when you release an album it shoul...view item »

Bloc Party

Bloc Party are back with a brand new single called Mercury. Its funny listening to this and then the new Cure single and you realise how similar the voices sound. I have no idea what on earth ' My Mercury is in Retrograde' means... we think he needs more oily fish. Anyway it's good to know he's recovered after his furious beating by Jon Lydon's evi...view item »

Bloc Party
Silent Alarm Remixed

Bugger me, all we need is a Bloc Party remix ALBUM. I hate indie remixes. They're for indie kids who are scared of real club music, like a safety blanket, stabilisers or training nappy. "Oh mummy, take me away from that HORRID techno, it makes my ears hurt" The days of Weatherall are over I tell thee. So you get a CD or ...view item »

Bloc Party, Franz, Various
Future's Burning

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