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Factory Photographs

Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) have done a remarkable job of creating a “sonic response” to David Lynch’s series of factory photographs. The sounds the pair have conjured, effortle...view item »

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu has finally returned from their stint at the Black Lodge, but perhaps they have taken some madness with them. After recording and touring with the popular Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, they are now returning with FORGET, packed with eccentric electro-pop, overdriven vocals and utterly danceable rh...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Plays the Music of Twin Peaks

This is, disappointingly, not Jamie Stewart covering the music of recent indie pop band Twin Peaks; instead, he sinks deep into the waters of David Lynch's weirdo soap opera, interpreting his inappropriately sentimental and hilarious score with the usual Xiu Xiu magic: a kind of grotesque prettiness that would surely appeal to the Crazy Clo...view item »

Xiu Xiu

You'll know more than I do about Xiu Xiu. Somehow their existence has passed me by. The involvement of Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier in the group was the reason I picked this up. I heard he'd being helping to produce the band and on 'Always', dips his hand in on some of the playing too. O...view item »

Xiu Xiu
I luv Abortion (Deerhoof Remix) / Joeys Song (Kid 606 remix)

I saw the last Xiu Xiu album got a complete mauling all over the shop. No-one actually bought a copy from us and as we’re the biggest and best record shop in the world that doesn’t bode well so I think he may have actually spaffed ...view item »

Merzbow & Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu, the art-rock project of Jamie Stuart, joins forces with… Merzbow! Yes, literal Merzbow! Unusual to see Masami Akita venturing outside of the noise world for a collaboration, but very welcome. Merzxiu is strictly limited: 200 copies in Eu...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Angel Guts: Red Classroom

To be quite honest with you I haven’t been following Xiu Xiu’s trajectory all that closely since their admittedly excellent breakthrough album ‘Fabulous Muscles’ all those years ago. I did hear that split with Chad Vangaalen but that didn’t have a lot to do with music. This new ...view item »

Xiu Xiu / Lawrence English
LAMC No. 8

Bit of a departure for the Famous Class 7” series, as they head into more experimental territory with these numbers from Xiu Xiu and Lawrence English. Xiu Xiu’s output lately has more often than not failed to grab me, with his contribution to the split LP w...view item »

Chad Vangaalen & Xiu Xiu
The Green Corridor II

Altin Village/Mine return with the second instalment of their 'The Green Corridor' series, this time enlisting the skills of Calgary's gentle giant Chad Vangaalen an...view item »

Xiu Xiu/Parenthetical Girls
Hated For Loving/Handsome Devil

We've all had our enjoyment from the artwork for this Xiu Xiu/Parenthetical Girls split single, aping everyone's favourite Morrissey as it does. The tunes do too, 'I Am Hated For Loving' is Xiu Xiu's track but features the fella from Parenthetical Girls on vocals and it's a three minute 8-bit manglefest which treats the original with very little re...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Women As Lovers

Xiu Xiu are a band I'm enormously fond of and I admire 'em greatly yet I'm not massively bothered about owning any of their records. A funny one that... The guy's a total loon but he's a complete maverick and he's got to be one of the most inventive musicians out there today. The fragility in his music coupled with his unusual off kilter take on po...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Dear God, I Hate Myself

Misery, torment, self-loathing and existential anguish have rarely been done so well within a pop music framework as they've been managed by one Jamie Stewart. He's now swimming solo after his long term companion Caralee McElroy defected to Cold Cave. You can hear the parallels between the two acts in the dark, yearning tragedy of the vocals and th...view item »

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu? How do you pronounce that? What is wrong with bands these days? The Smiths, Pixies, Joy Division. These are band names you can pronounce. Clear and precise, that's what you want from a band name. Xiu Xiu??  Once again I can spell it better than I can say it which makes me feel stupid. Not a good start when I'm...view item »

Xiu Xiu
The Air Force

Now Brian wants to record his groans and send them off to places to see if he can get album of the week. Enough of that I say. Now I'm talking XIU XIU. I've always been fascinated by this dude/ band/ act/ whatever he/ they are. I don't know and I'm not looking into it. The internet is a big old place. You've found this and are reading it...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Tu Mi Piaci

XIU XIU are a strange bunch indeed. I'm not gonna bang on about the name. I did that last time I expect it was tedious then. Musically it's utterly bizarre as you'd probably expect. There's a cover (of sorts) of Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me from The Pussycat Dolls which sounds like Einsturzende Neubauten...view item »

Xiu Xiu/ Dead Science

Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, No Neck Blues Band, Various
Sur La Mer

Xiu Xiu/ Larsen (XXL)

Xiu Xiu & Larsen have collaborated and released a CD under the name of XXL. Which I always thought was a size of garment for fat people but it's also the catchy name of a band. Woo. Larsen (not Orsen... I couldn't get Mork out of my head either...) are an Italian cult sensation apparently and Xiu Xiu are a US ...view item »

Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Hella, Various
Video Fanzine III

Xiu Xiu
Life and Live

Clint here back from the wilderness and immediately faced with a new album by Xiu Xiu, a band that I tend to hear a lot of people talking about but have never really listened to properly. Well here's my chance. The songs are extremely minimal with just guitar and vocals. The vocalist is terribly tortured. C'mon mate,  cheer up ...view item »

Xiu Xiu
Fabulous Muscles

I don't play Xiu Xiu records for my friends or recommend their stuff to people I know because I'm a defeatist and I think it's pointless. Jamie Stewart's music is too weird. It's gonna be pretentious noise to most people. Musically, "Fabulous Muscles" is not that different from "A Promise," but the overall effect is just a little more profound, ...view item »