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Dungen & Woods
Myths 003

Marfa Myths is a festival in Texas curated by the Mexican Summer label. There you will find all you’d expect from a festival in terms of bands playing live and such, but there are also some special events. One of those events is a recording residency. In 2017,  Swedish psych rockers Dungen collaborated with Brooklyn&r...view item »

Live at Third Man Records

Woods are a reliably American band who’ve been mixing folk and soul and funk and indie for a decade now. This particular release documents what happened when Woods played a live set at Jack White’s Third Man Records, recorded in meticulous analogue detail on audio-lover ...view item »

Love Is Love

Written and recorded in the two months following the US election, Love Is Love is a collection of songs that try to bring together and fix the America that Woods think is becoming fractured and broken with hatred. Gentle beats and soft vocals are in abundance on this record that is available on Vinyl LP, CD and Cassette...view item »

Bend Beyond

Wasn't sure about this latest album from this influential NY bunch on first listen but after around six or seven plays it is knocking the stuffing out of my mind with its laconic psychedelic beauty and freewheeling charm. It's possibly their finest work since 2010's 'At Echo Lake' to these ears ...view item »

Amps For Christ / Woods
Amps For Christ / Woods

Shrimper! I remember you. The label that in the mid 90's brought you lo fidelity efforts from Lou Barlow, Mountain Goats, Refridgerator, is still going strong and busying itself marrying hot pro...view item »

City Sun Eater In The River of Light

City Sun Eater In The River of Light is the ninth LP by Woods, the American alt-folk-rock troupe with a psychedelic, even jazzy approach to their sound. As only their second recording made in a ‘proper’ studio, the sound is crisp and clear, but not lacking in the oddness either. The album is available on wha...view item »

Ultimate Painting / Woods
Into The Darkness / Know Your Minute

Ultimate Painting and Woods recently went on a tour together, and the best way to celebrate something like that is of course a split 7”. Exclusive tracks from each artist here: one is pretty poppy, one sinks into a very fine jam. Limited edition of 1000 copies, joint-released by Woodsist and Trouble In Min...view item »

With Light And With Love

It’s unlikely Woods will ever make an unlistenable or bad album, I can’t see it happening. Generally, when reviewing Woods it’s a matter of assessing whether Jeremy Earl and the gang maintain their typically high standards from release to release. I think they go from strength to strength and, though evolution isn’t their...view item »

At Echo Lake

What does go on with certain bands is that they're truly gifted enough to shift peoples perceptions of what they're about without compromising their overall sound that much. Woods are total flag bearers for a generation of young experimental yank-rock tykes with a pure DIY ethic similar to Mike Sniper of Blank Dogs. 'At Echo Lake' is just fu...view item »

Sun & Shade

I get to review the new Woods record by virtue of being the first to pounce on it in the box. It's my lucky day. This one's actually been spinning a few times in the office already, and it's totally great. The thing I love most about Woods is that nostalgic warmth and feeling of wellbeing that you get from their records and this one doesn't ...view item »

MV&EE / Woods
Green is the Colour

Two bands that seem suited for each other, what with their tender and motivational approaches to front porch folk music. Psych folkers Woods take up one side of this split 7", offering up their brand of woozy psychedelia; on the other side, there's MV & EE, an experimental folk act with hints of New Weird America. Both sides owe a lot to the...view item »

Cali In A Cup

Woods are absolutely unstoppable! They seem incapable of making bad records and ‘Cali In A Cup’, the first single from their up-and-coming ‘Bend Beyond’ LP is no exception. Absolutely blissful country-tinged psych pop, as good as anyt...view item »

To Clean

The lead tune on the Woods 7" hits the ground running with a fucking crazy guitar solo then morphs into a vaguely country-ish singalonga lo-fi tune of high goodness before lifting back off with a solo outro. It's called 'To Clean' and it's one of the best tunes on the album, so say Brian and Miss Business (the lady and the tramp innit). 'Rain ...view item »

Be All, Be Easy

Here’s a new 7” which sees Woods bid farewell to Rear House, the “home, recording studio, creative refuge and beloved shithole” from which they (and several other bands) have churned out a long line of superb records. One for the history books then. On the A side they’ve captured an alter...view item »

Family Creeps

And finally my trilogy of Time Lag records concludes with the new album from Woods called 'Family Creeps'. I like what I've heard by this bunch of guys but I find 'em really hard to describe. The opener sounds like the entire Cannibalism volume 1 LP by Can condensed into 2 minutes. Truly bizarre..... The album as a whole is pretty much high pitched...view item »

Find Them Empty

Ah, a new Woods single. This is always a treat. Apparently these two tracks were written and recorded alongside their recent 'Sun and Shade' album, so I guess this is a companion piece of sorts. On the first side we've got 'Find Them Empty', a classic Woods slacker-pop gem with some abrasive high-gain guitar soloing all over it. Flip it over...view item »

I Was Gone

The latest cut from Woods is a psychedelic romp. Its quite melodic, super lo-fi and wears its DIY credentials on its hand-drawn sleeve. The vocals are falsetto and sit nicely in its scratchy mix. I enjoyed both sides of this single. Side B offers more than the first in my opinion, with its tumbling drums and oblique lyrics. A winner if your a marti...view item »

V/A (Mantles, Ducktails, Fresh And Onlys, Woods etc)
Welcome Home / Diggin’ The Universe

Woodsist are the up and coming label that remind me of the type of imprint I slavishly followed as a young man, in that they are American, have great quality control and a slew of good lop sided lo-medium fidelity bands. Woods have yet to strike a proper chord with me (surely only a matter of time) and their opening entry is lovely lo-fi pop, ev...view item »

Songs of Shame

Songs of Shame is amazing. Ive not heard anything else from Woods (research tells me they have various tape reissues available and this is their fourth full length LP) but I'm definitely taking to this beauty. Opener 'To Clean' sounds like a perfect soundtrack for the turn of the seasons and the promise of summer. The guitar wails like a fucked u...view item »

Sunlit/ The Dark

Two new tunes from Woods courtesy of Captured tracks. 'Sunlit' is scuzzed up jam of tune that sees the Woods dude embrace a honky-tonk-esque country strummer with a damn catchy chorus and all the traits you expect from these Woodsist regulars (reverb saturated drums, telephone receiver falsetto vocal, sweet fuzzed up solos). B-side 'The Dark' is th...view item »

Acoustic Family Creeps: Live

Surrounded in mystery 'Acoustic Family Creeps' is a live document of the group Woods. Four stripped down, reverb free renditions of "Rain On", "Twisted Tongue", "To Clean" and "The Number" on on side of 12" white label wax with a pasted-on sleeve. Recorded for radio Dijon in France on April 2009, these t...view item »


Now THE WOODS with Ram on Gilgongo Records, which is an eerie 7". It's a uber cool performance of ramshackle madness and interesting sounds and drones. Maybe its the name but its got a campfire feel to it with the dueting acoustic guitars. B-sides got a low bit rate sample of some young child talking. Very free spi...view item »