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Wooden Shjips

Wooden Shjips are great. I loved that last album and so did you judging by the amount of you lot who bought it from us. I'm not gonna do a big review of this cos to me it's kind of been out, but here's Volume 1 by 'em which is essentially the free CD that came with the limited edition CD of the debut album. It's that album remastered with T...view item »

Wooden Shjips

In which the Shjips, according to the press release at least, trade in some of their trademark hypno-guitar drone for a more laid-back sound. Born out of contemplative takes on the various political and ecological madnesses of last summer, 'V' is intended as an antidote to current travails, "a respite from the insanity". Get in early enough and ...view item »

Wooden Shjips

I've been winding the artist formerly known as Phat Bjarry up about his "incurable obsession" with Wooden Shjips for ages now and the joke's worn so thin i'm able to poke my spotty arse right thjrough it. You see, as is normally the case, if he likes something, i'll insist it's cobblers. Like a retarded child. Actually don't mind 'Dos'' the new alb...view item »

Moon Duo
Jukebox Babe / No Fun

This twelve-inch sees the Portland psychedelicists tackling a pair of proto-punk classics. Alan Vega’s Jukebox Babe stands as a tribute to the late Suicide singer. While this version retains the rockabilly skeleton of the track, it’s as if the song has been transplanted from Vega’s gritty New Y...view item »

Wooden Shjips

Mr Woody Wood Shjiper has a new compilation out of hard to get singles called Vol 2 (yes there was a vol 1...). This features the the Sub Pop 7", a couple of European tour singles, a track from a Yeti mag, the Mexican Summer 12" plus the odd alternate version/ live track which hasn't been out before. So for you eager beavers who got all t...view item »

Moon Duo
Occult Architecture Vol. 1

Part One of a two part record by Moon Duo, the motorik duo of Sanae Yamada and Wooden Shjips man Ripley Johnson. You know how this game works by now: drum machines grooving endlessly beneath a constantly shifting carpet of fuzzed-guitar. Yum! Occult Architecture Vol. 1 ...view item »

Wooden Shjips

Ahoy there Wooden Shjipsaholics, we just got in these super limited indies-only remix 12”s in from the lovely folks at Thrill Jockey. They're in cryptic LP-style sleeves with nice pictures and almost no information whatsoever. And despite only having three mixes on the whole disc they'r...view item »

Wooden Shjips
Back To Land

Oh, look what’s here! Everyone’s favourite hypno-rockers Wooden Shjips return this week with their latest long-player ‘Back To Land’, the follow-up to 2011’s delicious ‘West’. As with that previous album they’re heading into brighter, warmer and less woozy territ...view item »

Spacemen 3/Wooden Shjips
Big City/I Believe It

Spacemen 3 have just a split 7" with Wooden Shjips! It has one of the best sleeves i've seen for ages and the song's not bad either, it's a meandering sort of affair with an 80s shoegazer feel and otherworldly vocals, it really grows on you, much like an unwanted fungal infection...but waaay more pleasant. It should appeal to stone...view item »

LCD Soundsystem / Wooden Shjips
Drunk Girls

Drunk Girls!!! Lyrically this new LCD Soundsystem single kinda reminds me of the old Talking Heads song 'The Girls Want to Be With the Girls' with it's the Drunk Girls do this...drunk boys do that gender comparisons...that and the fact that it sounds sorta like a disco punk version of Dexy's Midnight Runners or Squeeze makes for an inviting list...view item »

Wooden Shjips
Oh Tannenbaum / Auld Lang Syne

This is cool. You get a red vinyl disc in a green disco bag or a green vinyl disc in a red disco bag. Either way you're set up for one of the most Christmassy things in stoner rock history. These two tracks appeared on a cassette many moons ago but that was only given to friends and family so this is the first time they've become commerciall...view item »

Wooden Shjips/ The Heads

We're ultra lucky to have secured some copies of The Wooden Shjips / The Heads tour split 7"Ltd to 500 copies this will disappear fast so pay attention... I present the 7" vinyl to the turntable bowed on one knee like its some sacred offering... The needle hits the wax and my vision turns into trails of psychedelic colours, Phil has transformed i...view item »

Wooden Shjips
Vampire Blues/ I Hear The Vibrations

Hey we got some copies of the Wooden Shjips ltd edition tour 7" 'Vampire Blues/ I Hear The Vibrations'. You may recall how quickly we sold out of their previous tour split with The Heads so you best be getting yer skates on. 'Vampire Blues' is a cover of a Neil Young tune from his 1974 'On The Beach' album. I have to confess to never having he...view item »

Wooden Shjips
Loose Lips/ Start To Dreaming

Wooden Shjips were a bit of find for us lately. That album rules..... Sub Pop know a good thing when they see it and they've picked 'em up to do a 7" called 'Loose Lips'. This is some well spacey psyched out gear with a Loop -esque beat and phased guitars along with some Jim Morrison sounding vocals. They're really low down in the mix so you c...view item »

Wooden Shjips
Wooden Shjips

The Wooden Shjips album is here on Holy Mountain Records. It's a 'self titled' thing and if you want to know what it sounds like it's pretty much an exact cross between The Doors, Loop and Suicide. Some tracks sound more like one of those bands than the other but they're in there somehow. It's quite fantastic how they've managed to get all of t...view item »

Wooden Shjips
Sol 07

Some Psychedelic San Francisco acid freak out tunage has just landed on a mega limited red vinyl 7" on Holy Mountain. It's by Wooden Shjips and it's like Suicide in places and The Doors in others. It's one long track split over 2 sides of the 7" which is bizarre. Its a benefit record for the SF chapter of Food Not Bombs and it's called 'S...view item »

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