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White Hills

From the relatively subtle to the ear shattering, it's White Hills' turn to have a go at being reviewed. These guys are well space rock. They fly through different dimensions on a spaceship made from RIFFS. They also have enough going for them that the quieter moments seem to be as important as the pummeling parts. The quieter moments are ...view item »

White Hills
Stop Mute Defeat

New York psych juggernauts White Hills try something a little bit new here, winding in the guitars a little bit and cranking up the thick industrial production. Stop Mute Defeat is a bad-trip of a record, with influence taken from Cabaret Voltaire and William Burroughs. It's a heavy one...view item »

White Hills / RMFTM
Split Single No. 8

It’s the White Hills, and then it's RMTFM! They’re in the Fuzz “Club”, by the way. I imagine such a club is kind of the distorted version of Mensa, in that you get welcomed into the fold, congratulated on your sonic intelligence and then everyone just sits around thinking about how much better at fuzz they are than everyo...view item »

White Hills
No Game To Play

I’m sure this will be flying off the shelves with the same slow-mo enthusiasm that exists in the carousel scene of Logan’s Run, because you know: psych rock. This hard classic of honest-to-god guitar licks and far-out, faraway singsong comes from White Hills, who’ve been going since the eve of the millennium (it doesn’t ...view item »

White Hills
Heads On Fire

Fresh from the roaring success of their split LP with The Heads, White Hills have seen fit to reissue their 'Heads on Fire' album on sweaty vinyl with extra Julian Cope-endorsed twiddles in the form of your download codez. I really like their shit (their music obviously, not their actual faeces) and the way they crank up their all tube (of course...view item »

White Hills
Walks For Motorists

Day Number 243, and I’m still walking this dustbowl road of post-apocalyptic isolation, lamenting psych rock and its cockroach knack for survival. I’ll take anything but, please; send me the Oasis reunion with Whitehouse, send me the War on Dr...view item »

White Hills
So You Are… So You'll Be

They say I’m past it. Clint they say, you just don’t understand what the kids are listening to these days. White Hills seem to have made an alarming amount of records for a band who I have never heard a single note by. But I’m learning,  people, I’m learning. I learnt yesterday that for example they are about to go o...view item »

White Hills
Abstractions & Mutations

This is the first vinyl pressing of what started life as a tour CDr way back in 2007 when White Hills came over here with Dogntank while honcho Dave W was in the early stages of transforming the band from a solo studio project to the heavy cosmic psych...view item »

White Hills
Live At Roadburn 2011

Right. White Hills. We all know they fucking rule! They've got the strength and the sophistication to out-match many of their peers in the world of epic space rock. Their riffage is off the charts, right up there with The Heads, Gnod and Electric Wizard in my opinion. They also have a knac...view item »

White Hills
Glitter Glamour Atrocity

Now re released on vinyl and CD! Woo! If you're in the mood for some spaced out stoner rock ala Hawkwind then check the White Hills CD 'Glitter Glammer Atrocity'. I can see the colour wheels and girls with boobies on the stage right now. It's all terribly exciting I must say. Speaking of boobies there's a great cartoon of a deformed monk...view item »

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