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Bridget Hayden
Pure Touch Only From Now On, They Said So.

Released on 9th September 2018 to coincide with a new moon. This one’s a real gem - a plaintive, lachrymose, arcane classic in the making… I’m not sure my B grade GCSE English skills are quite up to articulating just how profoundly moving and devastatingly gorgeous this record is. ‘Pure Touch Only From Now O...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Live At Total Inertia

Vibracathedral Orchestra are a wild, shamanic collective who recently reformed to continue their path of improvised psychedelic noise bursts. This limited white vinyl  10" captures them live at one of their favourite haunts, Wharf Chambers in Leeds and perfectly encapsulates the experience of their intense and raw live show...view item »

Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley
The Blow Volume 3

Two of Yorkshire’s finest producers of strange and beautiful sounds are collaborating together! Sophie Cooper is an expert in writing songs that are just the right level of weirded,, whereas Julian Bradley comes from the deep avant-depths of Vibracathedral Orchestra and The Piss Su...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Unnatural With Pain-Relief

Yet more essential action from the revived Vibracathedral Orchestra. One side is a beautiful resonant jam (I mean, pretty much all VCO meets that description, but this is extra lovely), and on the other we hear the quartet going full throttle at Cafe Oto with assistance from actual drum demon Chris Corsano. Yes!...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Rec Blast Motorbike

Hurrah! This is, I believe, the first ‘proper label’ album from Vibracathedral Orchestra since they pulled back all the members of the ‘classic’ line-up: Michael Flower, Neil Campbell, Bridget Hayden, Adam Davenport and Julian Bradley. If you’ve see...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Vibracathedral Orchestra

This is well nice. It’s a reissue of Vibracathedral Orchestra’s self-released, self-titled double LP from ‘04 and it comes in a multicoloured screenprinted sleeve with pink plastic inners a...view item »

Astral Social Club
Plug Music Ramoon

More delicious music by Neil Campbell & his Astral Social Club project. After Brett's hungry devouring of his new CD on vhf, here's a full bloody 12" wax platter to feast on! With Stewart Keith & ex-Hood collaborator John Clyde-Evans on board, 'Plug Music Ramoon' opens with a spaced out wibbly number with a backwards masked element goi...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra / Infinite Light

Here's a post Vibracathedral Orchestra release on the up and coming Krayon Records label. It's a split with Infinite Light who appear to be Mick Flower of Vibracathedral and Pete Nolan of GHQ, Magik Markers etc... The Vibracathedral side is an amazing 60's sounding psyche chugging romp which is just one of the best things I've heard from 'em. All...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Wisdom Thunderbolt

Mid-period Vibracathedral Orchesta album on the trusty VHF Records. Featuring pieces culled, as usual, from the midst of lengthy jams, Wisdom Thunderbolt surfs some pretty tasty sound-waves. Chris Corsano and Skullflower’s Matthew Bower join the fray for a track e...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Joka Baya

Time for some treats from Leeds-based leg-ends Vibracathedral Orchestra, apparently hinging on the Mick Flower/Adam Davenport axis these days while John Godbert and John Maloney provide the doorknob and letterbox. Getting a quick grip on this trilogy of VHF LPs (in matching sleeves with divergent colour schemes) is gonna be tricky as there's a fair...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra
Smoke Song

Part of a trio of albums recorded by a slightly stripped down form of the Vibracathedral Orchestra, Smoke Song finds the group in rather a percussive mood. Two long tracks and one short one, moving from calmly tranced out to wildly tranced out. All good. Vinyl LP release, out courtesy of the wonderful VHF....view item »

Library Tapes, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Various
Dream Frequencies

That nice Stephen chap from The Telescopes has a label called Antenna and here's a tasty comp CD out by said chap called 'Dream Frequencies'. It features loads of your regular funsters like Vibracathedral Orchestra, Birds of Delay, Dreams of Tall Buildings, Library Tapes, Astral Social Club, the hilariously named 'Jazzfinger', The Telescopes and lo...view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra, My Cat Is An Alien, Peter Wright, Various
The Tone Of The Universe (=The Tone Of The Earth)

Vibracathedral Orchestra
The Sun Balance/ The Open Knot

Brand new Vibracathedral Orchestra LP called The Sun Balance on kiwi coloured (the fruit rather than the bird) vinyl. Textured harmonics and droney mantra ish racket to get utterly monged out to at your earliest convenience. At times it sounds like a psychedelic rusty bike covered in rainbow dust from sun pixies. I shit you not....view item »

Vibracathedral Orchestra, My Cat is An Alien, Vari
The Tone Of The Uuniverse