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Black Moth Super Rainbow
Panic Blooms

Welcome back Black Moth Super Rainbow, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania purveyors of music every bit as wacky and colourful as their name suggests. Their sixth LP Panic Blooms, six years since the last one, comes packing the gleefully messy, awkward, vocoded pop productions familiar to fans of previous output. But I daresay...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Eating Us

Why can't more bands release music that's as irresistibly Summer orientated as Black Moth Super Rainbow? Their first EU promoted album is fuzzing away in my ears, all distorted through the technological gaffe that is a combination of Goodmans headphones borrowed off someone's Grandad & windows media player. It's called 'Eating Us' and is a trip...view item »

Ripe & Majestic

Tobacco, also of Black Moth Super Rainbow, has done a lot of great work over the last decade, including a major TV show theme and work with Aesop Rock as well as solo productions. ...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow

I really wanted Black Moth Super Rainbow to be amazing when I first heard of them because the name was so good and the artwork equalled it, unfortunately for me they were like actual cack. Thankfully, they've improved since then as proved on this Japanese issue of Drippers. The same elements are there, ridiculous cheesesynth filter sweeps, an odd p...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Cobra Juicy

8am isn’t the best time to be reviewing records. I bet you think it’s all a lot more rock and roll than this, that we write them whilst having big listening parties complete with illegal substances, quavers and an endless supply of Longley Farm yoghurts to see us through....view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project
The House of Apples and Eyeballs

A reissue of the out of print vinyl of 2007’s collaborative album between Black Moth Super Rainbow and The Octopus Project, here we have The House of Apples and Eyeballs, a rather majestic record of swooning psychedelia and storytelling shoegaze. Lots of far off synth sounds crash into vocoder dis...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Dandelion Gum

Black Moth Super Rainbow are a experimental psychedelic band from Pennsylvania. Their music has always taken precedence over any image and they hide their real selves behind aliases such as Tobacco (Vocals) and Power Pill Fist (Bass, Atari). Their third album Dandelion Gum was originally released in 2007. The songs are ...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Don't You Want To Be In A Cult/ Feel The Drip

This Black Moth Super Rainbow two track 12" is well tasty looking yo! Sexy heavy vinyl, a sassy illustrated picture disc and the all important download code make me feel appreciated as a record collector and audiophile. I feel pampered by this release, but what of the music contained within? Well the leading track 'Don't you want to be in a cu...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Zodiac Girls

We've been selling records by Black Moth Super Rainbow for years. Now they seem to be getting a bit of attention for some reason. That reason being that they're pretty good. Their new 7" on Suicide Squeeze called Zodiac Girls is part Trans Am, part Zombi, and part Daft Punk. It's prog tastic pop music with a huge rotting tomato on the sleeve. ...view item »

Milieu, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Goudron, Various
Birth Certificate

Compilation alert! It's a 17 track behemoth on the I, Absentee label. Limited to just 250 copies in black and white digipacks (ie 125 are white and 125 are black)... we have a handful of each but don't get any fancy ideas and start asking me stupid questions about wanting a purple one or something cos that will totally wind me up and I'll have to s...view item »

Black Moth Super Rainbow
Lost Picking Flowers In The Woods

OK onto Black Moth Super Rainbow. This is the 3rd album we've had by 'em so far. If I remember rightly the last couple were somewhere between Boards of Canada and Grandaddy... This is a progression of sorts as they've obviously invested in a vocoder, a moog and some 60's psych records. It sounds more psych and prog than ...view item »