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The Caretaker
Everywhere At The End Of Time Stages 1-3

The Caretaker continues on his dark journey into dementia… Everywhere At The End Of Time is being released in installments on Bandcamp, but we also have a physical edition round-up of the first three volumes, presented over three CDs. Thirty-eight tracks of as-ever gorgeous melancholy music from this very special...view item »

The Caretaker
Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 2

Part two of The Caretaker’s long six-part farewell, in which James Leyland Kirby has given his project dementia in order to explore the melancholy horror of the condition. Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 2 feels appropriately disorientating to listen to: the ancient samples sound beautiful, ...view item »

The Caretaker
Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stage 3

Three down, three to go: Leyland Kirby continues his mission as The Caretaker to explore the musical aesthetics of dementia on the third of his six-part Everywhere at the End of Time project. At this sta...view item »

Brabant Schrobbeler

Back when he didn't have a mane of bubbly curls and called himself James - Leyland Kirby was better known for his insane project V/Vm a kind of cross between experimental and sound collage/comedy act that couldn't be more different from his later solo and the Caretaker work. Here is a vinyl pres...view item »

Leyland Kirby
Memories Live Longer Than Dreams

Originally released in 2009, Memories Live Longer Than Dreams was the final part of Leyland Kirby's bleak masterpiece Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was is. Influenced by the likes of Vangelis, Lynch & Badalamenti, Brian Eno and Kirby’s previous work...view item »

Leyland Kirby
Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was

The last time I saw James Kirby he was wearing a pig mask destroying Chris De Burgh songs at a pub in Leeds years ago. Now he's got big hair and is being all sensitive everywhere. It's amazing how time flies and how people change as V/VM is no more but The Caretaker lives on. As does his new moniker Leyland Kirby and here's the 2nd part of the 'sad...view item »

The Caretaker
Everywhere At The End Of Time

The first of a 3 year long goodbye to Leyland Kirby’s The Caretaker project. An album released every 6 months that will map the decline brought on by dementia. This first stage will, most likely, be the most coherent of the 6, as it descends into hazy memoryless discourse. Old 78s play at odd speeds and ar...view item »

The Caretaker
An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

This one of James Leyland Kirby's many projects needs little introduction since the last album 'Persistent Repetition Of Phrases' cemented it in the hearts and minds of global music lovers. And so the theme of the project essentially remains the same, that is of memories which are embedded deep within ones...view item »

V/Vm/ Portal

Finally in is the Earworm singles club 7" which is a split with V/Vm and Portal. The Portal track is a lovely piano thing which is more lovely than words can say. If I could fit lovely into one sentence more then I would do. After that you've got a more Portaly sounding track ...view item »

Butchered Classics For Today's Dancefloor

Also by the scaremonger is more familiar territory with the butchered classics 7". On here you get Paul Young's classic 'everytime you go away,,, you take a piece of meat with you', Tiffany's Running Just As fast As We Can, and Bruce Springsteen's I Wasn't Born In The USA. The release s...view item »

Made In Belgium

Always heartily chuckled when I heard V/VM's warped dismemberments of popular chart faves. Always hid behind the sofa when he did his threatening take on dark ambience & always had to go to the doctors when exposed to his uber-harsh take on power electronics. Now the man seems quite content to pay homage to one of his favourite genr...view item »

There Was a Fish... In... The Percolator

The first of the V/Vm test label's  gems being piped into my scone via headphones is a 12"by V/Vm called "There was a fish... in... the percolator" harshly limited to a hand numbered edition of 175 copies in deluxue silk screened sleeves and available with three different coloured covers: Red, brown and green all with matching c...view item »

It's fan Dabi Dozi

Here's a lovely new unleashing from the V/VM stable of unhinged audio misanthropy. Really, this is just wrong! 'It's Fan-Dabi-Dozi' is a double CD of 46 delightfully perverse back catalogue 'gems'. Has the fucking Krankies (who?) on the front in full glaring colour ferchristsakes. And they're the first 'act' on t...view item »

V/Vm, Al Duvall, Ddamage, Various
Zatsu Ongaku

Billy Ray Cyrix

Next up is a more traditional V/Vm release entitled Billy Ray Cyrix. Country songs as you've never heard them before. Well now they don't sound anyting like country music. Again 8 tracks of pure evil to upset diehard country music fans to and of course Billy if he ever found out that someone had made h...view item »

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