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Black Heart Procession / Solbakken
In The Fishtank

These In The Fishtank collaborative LPs are are on oddity, and this one a bit of a gem. Musically this bears the hallmarks of BHP’s later, (slightly!) more chipper records, with seemingly quite occasional help from not-the-ex-Wolverhampton-Wanderers-manager Solbakken. From the lost age of ...view item »

The Black Heart Procession
Amore Del Tropico

Here's summat i've can get me head round now. The Black Heart Procession have a groovy new cd and dbl vinyl opus out on Touch and Go entitled 'Amore del Tropico', it's them in decidedly upbeat mode with flashes of street cafe music, salsa with a nice exotic tropical holiday vibe going on. Beauti...view item »

The Black Heart Procession

If you like the BHP's style, and enjoyed 2, this album is for you. They stick with the same basic structure of emphasis on piano, with guitar and light drums (and don't forget the saw and background effects) which prove to once again blend together perfectly. It seems like a continuation of 2 with just more of an emphasis on drums. I must admit ...view item »

The Black Heart Procession

This is definitely one of my favourite BHP albums. It combines all of the elements that this band has been working on throughout the years, and in my opinion, contains some of their best and most dynamic songs. It's always interesting to hear people complain about a band sticking with what they do, then if they make changes, they seem to complai...view item »

The Black Heart Procession
Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit

Haven't really been keeping up with BHP's progress over the past few years. I saw them play a while back and really enjoyed the morbid display of rock minimalism. Nowadays they seem to have perked up a little and even enjoy a bit of the old remix treatment. So, here we have a kinda mini-album EP thing with three BHP originals interspersed with r...view item »

Black Heart Procession, Various
If Only You Were Lonely

The Black Heart Procession
3 songs

The Black Heart Procession
The Spell

The Black Heart Procession are back... What a bunch of goths they are.... I'd never really thought about it til now but it's proper goth gear. I'm from Leeds. We invented goth..... so we know what all about goth..... alright. They're goths OK! The music on this opener really reminds me of a track from the last Blonde Redhead album...view item »

The Black Heart Procession
Heart & Tanks

New CD single from Black Heart Procession. This shows a much more dark and experimental Black Heart than on their recent joyous long player. No real songs as such just eerie soundscapes.Actually track three re-introduces Pall Jenkins elasticated growl to quite marvellous effect. See? Revi...view item »

Black Heart Procession/ Solbakken
In The Fishtank 11

First up the Black Heart Procession & Solbakken do one of those In The Fishtank CD collaboration things. The music sounds very much like BHP doom laden piano heavy misery rock but there's European chanteuse type lady vocals on there as well. Impressively it manages to sound like what a new Black Heart Procession record might sound l...view item »

The Black Heart Procession

It's tempting to call this fare "mood music," but the Black Heart Procession's work encompasses a much broader array of sounds and emotions than can be classified with such a simple term. The band's eerily minimal compositions, combined with Pall Jenkins's hauntingly poetic lyrics, could perhaps best be described as music for a rainy day. Perhap...view item »