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Ufomammut & LentO
Supernaturals Record One

Collaborations between doom bands are typically good times, but while getting two bands together can generate some interesting results (Thinking mainly of Sunn/Boris and Nadja/Atavist, although there's quite a few others), the end product, while interesting and perhaps somewhat unique, just isn't anywhere near as good as the product of the indiv...view item »

Godlike Snake

Italian band Ufomammut remains relatively cult in stoner rock/metal circles, but their back catalogue are often the equal, if not the superior option to many albums made by the likes of Electric Wizard or Boris. While Godlike Snake is a little overshadowed by their later releases, it's still a wonderful slice of fuzzed-out psych. This album star...view item »


Hmm. It's sort of just noise. And not really the nice sort. I can't really tell what's going on, and my brain feels quite confused when trying to listen to the lyrics over the annoyingly constant thudding of a thick bass line and growling guitars. I'm usually all up for a proper, full on metal record but something in this album just isn't doing ...view item »


‘Ecate’ is the seventh album from Italian power trio Ufomammut. The album is composed of six separate tracks, each one is a representation of one of the many manifestations of ancient Greek goddess, Ecate of the three worlds; The World of Humans, The World of the Gods and The World of the Dead....view item »

ORO – Opus Alter

As its title suggests, "Oro: Opus Alter" is the second installment of a major work that began with "Oro: Opus Primum" and which revolves around the transformation of gold (itself a metaphor) into something much greater and which could be used for both tremendous good or unspeakable evil. If the music has direction and focus, they tend to come mo...view item »


Snailking was only the second release by the now-veteran band known as Ufomammut. First released in 2004, this collection is super-heavy, truly metal, and also tempered around the edges by experimentalism. Also somewhat stoned-sounding, but we know that is a big positive in this territory. The LP reissue is provided by ...view item »


Ufomammut have chosen a name that suits them more than perfectly. As you all know, UFO means unidentified flying object and mammut means mammoth in Italian. So this is how these guys sound - like a massive wall of sound in the form of an upcoming menace. 'Eve' itself is better than the previous Ufomammut records. It very much resembles them in s...view item »