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Fast Metabolism

This record is a collection of Tyvek's earliest, rawest singles and recordings. They have a sloppy sound, that makes you think of an early Fall, but with less talented more Yankee (obviously!) sounding shouty vocals. The songs are vitriolic, and ramshackle to THE MAX!! Yet they have quit...view item »

The Intended
Time Will Tell

Kevin Boyer and Larry Williams of Tyvek joined with Glen Morren (Night Movie) and Heath Moerland (runs experimental noise label Fag Tapes and is in too many projects to count), to bash about making noisy/punky surfer garage rock. Only a few 8-tr...view item »

Origin Of What

Building upon their brooding grizzly tank of fuzzy punk, is Origin Of What - the latest continuation of Tyvek's ruthlessly rough' n 'ready wall of noise. Teaming up once again with Fred Thomas, band members new and old create a thrashing record set to please old and new fans alike....view item »

On Triple Beams

Tyvek’s last album proper, ‘Nothing Fits’ was my introduction to the band, a sloppy, snotty blast of obnoxious garage punk delivered at breakneck speed, it was a welcome change from all the perfectly laid-out ‘60s-worshipping gar...view item »


After a slew of bizarre singles and compilation appearances Tyvek have finally got around to knocking out a debut full length L.P which is cunningly Self-titled and features an excellent interpretation of the group as mutated playdoh characters on the cover. Tyvek are a noisy bunch of proper post-punkers that have forged a new sound for themselve...view item »

After The 2009

Well, Tyvek are back again. I quite enjoyed their last album and this single stumbles and lurches around similar territory. Snotty Fall-influenced art punk basically; you know the score. This 7" kicks off with a track that flies past in about a minute. The songs are pretty minimal really, just straight pun...view item »

Live At Third Man

You know if Jack White le third passed away in a freak comb-over incident, the music industry would probably come to a grinding halt... for about 10 mins. This live release from Detroit noise twats Tyvek is an urgent sounding record. For a live record this sounds pretty good. The playing of the band is sometimes quite tight and they have quite a...view item »

Nothing Fits

These are also known as "No Tyveks we're British" or in some circles "Everything You Wanted To Know About Tyveks But Were Afraid To Ask". This is snotty garage punk with no song lasting more than about 3 and a half minutes. It's brash and full of attitude. Or maybe I should say bad-itude. It reminds me of a less funny Half Man, Half Biscuit. Not...view item »

Summer Burns

Detroit outfit Tyvek with Summer Burns; a double 7" of guitar led lo-fi strumming energy all topped with over driven fast delivered vocals. All the usual stop-starts you'd expect from a garage band and some pretty intense moments that would be best sampled in a sweaty cellar without thought for fire escapes or smoking bans. Distorted guitar steals ...view item »

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