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I see Tycho has finally finished watering down his new album 'Beige'.  It's a funny joke but not as funny as the first time I heard it in the Onion used to describe Maroon 5. Also it's rather cruel on Tycho whose only crime is to make music that will be listenable for anyone who already owns a set of e...view item »

Awake Remixes

Tycho’s Awake was a perfect distillation of the group’s melodic electro-rock, mixing krautrock textures and dense guitars. On this vinyl LP remix album all those lush instrumentals are rebuilt by an exciting range of producers. Com Truise beefs up Awake for the dancefloor, Bibio goes...view item »


With a number of great releases under his belt so far, electronic producer Tycho or just plain old Scott Hansen to his friends brings us his fourth album and second on Ghostly International. After being thoroughly impressed with his previous effort ‘Dive’ I was very keen to hear this album and it really doesn’t disappoi...view item »


Dive is the first record released by Tycho on ‘Ghostly International’ and the first record to have a live backing band. Continuing on from Scott Hanson’s obvious delve into the world of melodic ambience and chillwave, this album is the ten-track release that the genres were so desperately needing. Avai...view item »

Past is Prologue

I haven't heard much lovliness on Merck for a while but I banged on the new TYCHO CD and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's not doing anything new but what it does is thoroughly enjoyable. 70's style analogue synth style melodica electronica with loads of nods towards Boards of Canada and Casino Vs Japan. Like I ...view item »

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