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TV On The Radio
Return To Cookie Mountain

I'd say the only gig that's ever had both me and our man Clint both "rocking" at the exact same time, all the way through was TV on the Radio a couple of years ago. They sent shivers up my spine throughout, precisely because they looked & felt so natural but offered a sublime & original take on thought provoking electri...view item »

TV On The Radio
Dear Science

I've pretty much obsessed about TV On the Radio since I first heard 'em. The 1st 2 albums were smart. I can't decide which I prefer as both have some tremendous songs on. So here's the 'difficult' third album 'Dear Science'. I was blown away by the opener.... Amazing skewed pop with some gorgeous feedbacky guitars in the background smothered in inc...view item »

TV On The Radio

For a band who were once absolutely amazing (see their 'Young Liars' EP for proof), TV On the Radio haven't half gone down the plughole in recent years. Seemingly incapable of making music to an acceptable standard, it will be interesting to see if they can turn things around with this, their 6th album. If not we can always reminisce about the t...view item »

TV On The Radio
Nine Types Of Light

TV On The Radio have been one of the most proggy groups of the last few years. They blew my mind away with Dear Science - I believe it's their Nevermind, their OK Computer etc.; so I did have my expectations WAY up high for this one. To be honest with you, it's not better than Dear Science - but it's definitely a worthwhile album. “Will Do...view item »

TV On The Radio
Dancing Choose

It would appear I'm the only one here who likes the new TV On The Radio album. Well TV On The Radio have released (or rather 4AD have) the Dancing Choose single on 12" only. This is one of the better tracks from the album with truckloads of fast spoken vocals, hand claps and a big drum machine kicking in face. Catchy chorus as well make this a s...view item »

TV On The Radio

Woo. Here's a limited TV On The Radio 7" called Province on 4AD. This is another of 4AD's limited 7" jobs.... after Blonde Redhead and Beirut here's the lovely TV On The Radio. It comes in a craking little picture sleeve with 2 brand new B sides which aren't available anywhere else (unless you download 'em). As ever it's superb. TV On The...view item »

TV On The Radio
Young Liars

Probably one of my favourite releases of the week is the TV On The Radio single on Touch & Go. Young Liars is on CD/12" and is terribly hard to describe. Vocally the chap sounds just like Peter Gabriel and one or 2 of the songs sound like that. Very new wave sounding with hints of the drugge...view item »

TV On The Radio
Wolf Like Me

Also brilliant is the last TV On The Radio album. How good is it??? 'Wolf Like Me' is the first single lifted from this brilliant beast. They've chosen one of the more upbeat tunes with loads of fuzzy distorted guitars in. The vocal harmonies are always a treat with TV ON THE RADIO but the really great thing a...view item »

TV On The Radio, Pixies, Breeders, Belly, Various
1980 Forward

Cocteau Twins were the pearly kings and queens of 4AD and it comes as no surprise that they feature on a sampler CD released to celebrate 25 years of the label. How can you argue with a CD that features tracks by TV on the Radio, His Name is Alive, Pale Saints, The Pixies, His Name is Alive, Red House Painters, The Breeders,&nb...view item »

TV On The Radio
New Health Rock

Clint here. Single of the Week. The majestic TV on the Radio with another killer tune that, if there were any justice in the world,  would see them livening up Top of the Pops. Its a magnificent catchy-as-hell 3 minutes in pop perfection that sounds like Outkast jamming with AR Kane. So good it makes me want to cry. On...view item »

TV On The Radio
Staring At The Sun

The other kings of the week are TV On The Radio who in my fat eyes can do no wrong. Peter Gabriel fronting Suicide is this. It's phenomenally good and it's one of the highlights of the album. Excitingly enough it includes 2 tracks from their debut album which I've never heard of til now. I'd like one though if anybody wa...view item »

TV On The Radio
Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

First up TV On The Radio. The people that made the best record of the whole of last year with their sublime, sumptuous 'Young Liars' EP. Well they now have their debut LP available via the nice people at 4AD. Its called 'Desperate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes' which goes straight in at No 1 of the awful titles list but the music con...view item »