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Eric Copeland

Of noisemakers Black Dice but at this point probably more notorious for his solo efforts as a dissonant dancer, Eric Copeland once again graces our doors with a record of off-kilter shenanigans. Goofballs continues to combine his economical sound sources of knackered drum m...view item »

Black Dice

I guess some people will be falling over themselves to get their mits on 'Repo' the latest album from Black Dice. There's just tons happening on this album, as you'd probably expect. I like the use of repetition and the way the tracks evolve in all their skewed off kilter glory. You get the sense that the trio just live for creating sound and yet d...view item »

Eric Copeland
Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect

Eric Copeland has been exploring fractured grooves for years now, both solo and with his main outfit Black Dice. But here he lands a double LP on ‘proper’ dance label L.I.E.S., showing a serious intention to get folks moving. Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect is a twelve-track set of weird ...view item »

Eric Copeland
Jesus Freak

Black Dice man Eric Copeland returns with another set of solo jams. I love this guy’s sensibility for scrambling up fragments of broken samples and all manner of unidentifiable audio bits-and-pieces into weirdly party-friendly pieces. Your head will nod, you may even dance! Jesus Freak is on L.I.E...view item »

Eric Copeland
Brooklyn Banks

The retro-futurist sleeve of Brooklyn Banks is an accurate reflection of the 80's-electro-meets-otherworldly-production on Eric Copeland's latest brainchild. As his tenth offering, this eight-track transports listeners to an external universe - containing previously unseen musical experimentalism....view item »

Black Dice
Big Deal

So Black Dice have been flirting with dancing rhythms for years now, albeit from a weird and joyously-messy perspective. So what a well-deserved pleasure to see them dropping tunes on the L.I.E.S. label! Big Deal’s two cuts are groovy and less noise-blasted than you might expect, though make no mistake, there is l...view item »

Black Dice
Beaches & Canyons

DFA are the krazy kool production team/label honchos on the tip of everybodys tongue at the mo' so in my grubby paws I have the Fat Cat licenced version of Black Dice's LP/CD entitled Beaches & Canyons. We all know Fat Cat is an experimental label given to unleashing waves of s...view item »

Black Dice
Mr Impossible

Black Dice are the fucking BONG. Always have been, always will be. They've been kicking up shit for so long that it's got to the point that even the converted are ripping 'em a new asshole (Vice / Loud And Quiet - I'm looking at you dick-nuts) and writing them off for whatever fucking hip...view item »

Black Dice
Peace In The Valley / Ball

Black Dice are back with a new 7 inch single! This once again proves how they are one of the leaders in experimental music. This new single kicks off with the track "Peace In The Valley" which is a master class in interesting and exiting experimental music. It really shows how their sound has changed and progressed since their early releases. Th...view item »

Various, Black Dice, LCD Soundsystem etc
DFA Compilation #2

Black Dice
Load Blown

Black Dice: 'Load Blown' (Paw Tracks) Compiles three tracks that were released on 12" on DFA and two tracks that were put out by Paw Tracks. Across the ten tracks we are treated to the dense layering, heavily processed experiments in free-floating kind of dry dub, coiled grooves, all manner of sounds and FX flying in and out of the mix. It's p...view item »

Black Dice
Roll Up/ Drool

A bit of Black Dice 12" action on Paw Tracks me thinks, in the form of 'Roll Up' and 'Drool'. Includes full color poster. The foundation of 'Roll Up' is a clicky percussion rhythm with electronic pulses and a mystical melody. The flipside is totally confusing as it sounds decent at both 33 and 45rpm. I'm a bit lost for words with this one. Mingus R...view item »

Black Dice
Broken Ear Record

The new Black Dice album on EMI/DFA. So have they gone all pop? Is it full of major label hits all the way? Is it balls. From the off it's crazy avant garde electronix fun which reminds me of Matmos but with slightly less foley and more outlandish off beats. Not an easy listen at all, but if you're a fan of Matmos an...view item »

Black Dice
Smiling Off

Swiftly onto Black Dice.... Those catchy funsters have a new single out on DFA. They're sounding more and more like Matmos every day so if that floats your boat then fill your bath up with a load of these. The lead track is actually pretty good and there's remixes from DFA, Luomo and ZZ Pot (what a great name....view item »

Black Dice
Creature Comforts

Here come Black Dice on Fat Cat with a brand new album. I haven't been into anything they've done so far but it seems a lot of the young people like them. Its a bizarre concoction of noises - some interesting guitar poking and cocked up vocal and percussion effects.  Its not wholly unlistenable in fact its quite enjoyable in places....view item »