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Songs You Make At Night

Rather like The Great Conjunction in The Dark Crystal, Tunng’s shifting personnel have aligned once again, for the first time in many years, just as they were at the outset.. I remember them back in 2007 as shaggy-haired, semi-electronic Brit-folksters, but something’s definitely happened in the intervening ...view item »

The Pioneers (Bloc Party cover!)

Unusual folksters Tunng prove just how unusual they are by covering a song by mid-2000s indie band of the moment Bloc Party, on this one-sided 7”. The other side is not empty as such, but contains an etching for you to admire in between spins of the music. On Static Caravan (and really really cheap!)...view item »


This is the fifth album from those folktronica masters Tunng, ‘Turbines’ is the fruits of a heady 3 years work what with their last album being 2010’s ‘...And Then We Saw Land’, it’s certainly great to see them back doing what they do best. The cover features art from longtime friend and collaborator Vanessa d...view item »

This Is Tunng... Live From The BBC

This newie from Tunng is already a firm favourite with me. It's an LP that spans their career, and features their numerous BBC radio sessions. They have recorded sessions for Lauren Laverne, Huw “Welsh” Stephens, Marc Reilly and others. It's what you would expect from Tunng. It...view item »

Tunng, Woodcraft Folk, Shady Bard, Various
It Happened On A Day

Great Pop Supplement do it again with a cracking 5 band split 10" job. And it doesn't feature any old toss... oh no. On 'It Happened In A Day' you get exclusive songs by Tunng, Woodcraft Folk, Laughing Windows, Shady Bard & Adam Leonard with PG Six. Class!! There's only 1000 of these suckers so don't dawdle. And we've got 'em before anyone...view item »

Mother's Daughter And Other Songs

Finally something great this week and that's the album, by Tunng on Static Caravan. Now this is a CD/LP you should all buy. It takes its cue from the marvellous music on the soundtrack to The Wicker Man but pours it through the clicks and chops of late 90's electronica. The vocals have a drifty, druggy Beta Band...view item »


I totally bummed the last Tunng album. I thought it was heartbreaking, uplifting, mischievous and emotive all at the same time.... A bit like any England football teams performance at any World Cup since '66 . This paticular cut from the aforementioned album is ace! I remember it well. I was just a rosy-cheeked kid then, with a head full of drea...view item »

...And Then We Saw Land

The new Tunng album is a real winner. Not only does it have some amazingly heartfelt songs on it, but also it can provide seconds of double entendre related entertainment. Y'know, "Can I stick this Tunng somewhere..." or "Can I stick this Tunng in your box..?" etc. This album is rich with ideas and emotion. Some of the songs hav...view item »


Those electroni-folksters Tunng are back on a new label (which be Full Time Hobby) and a brand new limited 7" called Woodcat which is my single of the week so far. A lot of you included the Tunng album in your top 10's of the last 10 years so we know they mean a lot to a lot of you. I was wondering what would happen to...view item »


Tunng are back!! Armed with a new 7" weapon ready to blow your tits off. 'Hustle' is it's name and it's the happiest thing I've heard them do. Good Arrows saw them in cheerier mode and Hustle sees them in super nice happy pretty mode which is full if brightness and lovelyness. Yes it really is that happy. I think it's the jaunty beat which bou...view item »

Tunng, King Creosote, Various
Dream Brother - Tribute to Jeff & Tim Buckley

If you're into Tim & Jeff Buckley (they were brothers you know) then you'll be interested in the Dream Brother compilation ( I said they were brothers) featuring covers of the above brothers songs by The Magic Numbers, Micah P Hinson, Tunng, Sufjan Stevens, The Earlies, The Everly Brothers, Bros, King Creosote, Adem, Bitmap, En...view item »

Tunng Vs Dollboy
People Folk / Cymbaline And Celeste

Graaaaaah! Just got 5000 boxes from donkey distros so here's another quickfire run of dribbling review hell.....Tunng Vs. Dollboy up next. A really limited collaborative split 7" on Static Caravan. One of Tunng's way fine album trax given a mellow spaced out re-rub by Dollboy (where are these guys from Geoff? ...view item »

Tunng/ Soy Un Caballo

Soy Un Caballo? Who???? you may enquire? Tunng's mates from Belglie, that's who and where. They've a collaborative tour together I believe, and to celebrate this pan-European collection of future folk minds, there's a highly limited split 7" featuring Tunng covering 'Robin' by this duo, pairing it with the original on side 'B'. With Tunng, you...view item »


Morning gaffers. Phil here with some reviews for ya. Tunng are back with a new single called Bullets. 'Bullets' is one of my favourite moments from their recent pop opus (popus). Sweet sounding folk inflected pop music with some dark lyrics about catching bullets with our heads. I prefer to use my hands to catch things. A great great little po...view item »

Good Arrows

alright. A new Tunng album. Always a special thing I'm sure you'll agree. From the off they've been one of those bands that have that 'certain something'. So how do they cope with the difficult third album? Tears For fears blew it with The Seeds Of Love. Will Tunng fair better?? I'm happy to announce they do. 'Good Arrows' is a total feast of lovel...view item »

It's Because We've Got Hair

I reckon TUNNG are poking fun at us with their new single 'It's Because We've Got Hair'. Who told them we were all bald here at the towers ay? Well except for Maggie with her sultry flowing golden locks. It's rough this time of year on the old bonce you know. The world can be so cruel to us folically challenged. Waffle waffle. The track...view item »


Tunng: 'Bricks' 7" remixes (Full Time Hobby) Turned into a disco workout by DNTL. Daedelus messes with the tempo here and there, dubs up the template and generally deconstructs the original beyond recognition. Probably the weakest cut from the forthcoming highly anticipated LP so maybe deserving a remix as a bonus....view item »

Tunng, Rothko, Bovaflux, Various
Disco R Dance Vol 1

I nipped out for my lunch yesterday to find a chap with a Nightmare Before Christmas bag wondering outside the gates of the towers like a lost puppy. It's not easy to find us you know, such is our reclusive nature. From his attire I concluded he wasn't looking for Mike's Carpets and the baggyness of his trousers suggested he may be into altern...view item »

Comments On The Inner Chorus

What is it about Tunng? Why are they soooo good? They have the magic that's why. Precious few bands achieve what they do. Simple, beautiful & lovingly layered songs that take you to another place. A land carpeted with woodland creatures, the finest wine, the prettiest girls, all imbued with a quietly sinister spirit, no...view item »

Tunng, Espers, Animal Collective, Various
Folk Off

Mothers Daughter & Other Songs

Finally something great this week and that's the album, by Tunng on Static Caravan. Now this is a CD/LP you should all buy. It takes its cue from the marvellous music on the soundtrack to The Wicker Man but pours it through the clicks and chops of late 90's electronica. The vocals have a drifty, druggy Beta Band thin...view item »

The Pioneers

Tunng... Everyone's favourite new folk pop act have their final release on Static Caravan ever apparently as they have moved to new pastures. It's a 1 sided 7" or CD with' Tale from Black' plus video (ie enhanced). Both formats are limited and once they've gone that's it. Oh it's a cover of Bloc Party's 'Pioneers' as w...view item »

Tunng, Viva Voce, Various
Full Time Hobby EP1

Cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap 4 track  CD single on Full Time Hobby. First up Autolux sound exactly like the Swirlies crossed with Sonic Youth. Viva Voce are very good  - the Joyzipper its still ok to like. Tunng appear to do a song off an upcoming tribute to Tim and Jeff Buckley...view item »

Tunng, Espers, Joanna Newsom, Various
Strange Folk

First up is this Strange Folk CD on Albion Records featuring previously released/ hard to find/ exclusive tracks by such aaron knit lovelies as Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man, Espers, Tunng, 18th Day of May, Bunyan (Vashti), Banhart, T Rex, Incredible String Band, Yorkston, Newsom, Roberts (Alasdair..), Pentangle...view item »