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Curtains (Expanded Edition)

Curtains was the third album by cinematic British group Tindersticks. As part of a re-issue campaign of all their albums this one has been given the 2LP treatment with the 15 original album cuts joined by 9 further bonus tracks including “A Marriage Made In Heaven” (a duet with Isabella Rossellini).&nbs...view item »

Stuart A. Staples

Now resembling a kind of cross between Tosh Lines and Frank Burnside (both formerly of the Bill), Stuart Staples takes a break from Tindersticks to make his first solo LP in 13 years. The album has an unusual structure consisting of four songs but with one clocking in at thirty minutes in length, Staples has cr...view item »

Simple Pleasure (Expanded Edition)

Simple Pleasures is the fourth album by Tindersticks, and a great example of the band’s mid-90’s songcraft. In fact, Simple Pleasures marks the beginning of a movement towards lighter songs, with more soul and gospel in them. This reissue adds twelve bonus tracks, including a remix by Adrian...view item »

Dickon Hinchliffe
Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1980

Here for the first time ever on vinyl is Tinderstick Dickon Hinchliffe’s score to one of Channel 4’s instaclassic ‘Red Riding’ trilogy. Hinchliffe of course has scored plenty of films in and out of the Tindersticks in recent years but this is one w...view item »

Les Salauds

Soundtrack to the French film Les Salauds or bastards in the Queen’s English, if she were to use such language, from Tindersticks. Dark and brooding electronic score, a departure for the band working on their seventh film with director Claire Denis.On the band’s own Lucky Dog label on vinyl and CD....view item »

This Fire Of Autumn

I go through so many phases with this band that I’m not sure who I actually am anymore, never mind them. The last album I largely hated but it was also the first one to prick up the ears of our long-suffering Clint. So, I put this limited seven inch on and it’s a fucking strutting ...view item »

Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith

Directed by Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples Minute Bodies takes archival footage made by F. Percy Smith and sets it to a score created by Tindersticks and a series of guest musicians including Thomas Belhom, Christine Ott, Da...view item »

Across Six Leap Years

I have a lot of reasons to be proud of my home town of Nottingham and Tindersticks are definitely one of them, especially as we’ve never really had much in the way of musical heroes in the land of Robin Hood other than Paper Lace, Dog Is Dead and ...view item »

Tindersticks (1st Album)

Oh well, here goes, I suppose I should say something about, probably, my FAVOURITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME. Always subject to much hilarity and mirth in this office and beyond, Stuart Staples's despondent, defeated and lovelorn velvet murmur of a croon is apparently an acquired taste, however one I just take for granted. If it didn't grace this amaz...view item »

The Something Rain / San Sebastian 2012

I am a big fan of the Tindersticks, and perhaps a biased reviewer, but I think this is an amazing album. The fact that the Tindersticks can re-create their very dense studio sound onto a live recording is something to admire, and to do so with great musicianship and emotional feeling is rare among most modern p...view item »

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room, Tindersticks’ latest full-length, comes accompanied by a full brace of short films, one for each of the album’s eleven tracks. These songs are thus suitably cinematic, grandly arranged but on an intimate scale. Also includes a guest vocal from Jenny Beth of Savages...view item »

The Something Rain

Aah The Tindersticks. I'm not even a fan but this already sounds like the best thing I've heard all day. But there again all I've heard all day is horrible noise records. The opener here is a stunner. Its great to hear that guys that have been around this long can still produce beautiful ...view item »


Veteran misery-mongers Tindersticks are back with a new release that's deadly serious even by their standards - a soundtrack they have created for the In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres. This is a continuous orchestral score created from a series of interlocking orchestral loops which accompany the visitor on their sobering educational journey t...view item »

Boobar Come Back To Me

Just got our batch of limited Tindersticks 7"s in. It's 'Boobar Come Back to Me' backed with the exclusive 'Tout L'Amour' which is sung in French but not by Stu Staples, his husky baritone is nowhere to be found but the music is very beautiful. Reflective & sad, like a lost Serge Gainsbourg song, I especially like the pinging triangle bein...view item »

Claire Denis Film Scores 1996-2009

It's a lovely thing we got here, the complete Claire Denis film scores by our fave mumblers. Except there's relatively little mumbling to be found throughout this collection. Another side to the 'Sticks is more evident, their love of cinema and the power of incidental music to heighten & enhance the impact of a scene. It's lovely to know cul...view item »

Tindersticks (2nd album)

Tindersticks reached new dramatic heights with their eponymous second studio album. Thematically, it covers the same profoundly dark territory as their debut album, the key difference being that their previous minimalist, guitar ridden aesthetic is surpassed by more outspoken deliveries backed by boastful, soaring arrangements. Tindersticks II i...view item »

Waiting For The Moon

New one from Tindersticks. More of the same. If you like them you'll like this. The first song sounds like "The Drugs Don't Work" and the singer sounds less like Vic Reeves than normal. Waiting For The Moon is on both CD and old fashioned vinyl....view item »

Various (Rory Commadore (Tindersticks), Boyracer, Heck & Cornershop!)
Around The World With Sticky Records (United Kingdom)

The Hungry Saw

Another huge welcome is due for Tindersticks, Phil's fave pub singers. 'The Hungry Saw' is a ltd 7" only taster for forthcoming long playing shenanigans & I'm delighted to inform you this song could be easily shoehorned onto the first couple of albums. It's got that sad twanging guitar, yearning vocals &...view item »

Black Smoke/Just Drifting

Over the years I've managed to develop a somewhat grudging respect for Tindersticks. They produce consistently good quality music and one day I'll probably break down and just admit to the world that I actually like them. Their new single somehow manages to be both raw with a faintly garagey beat to it, yet cinematic with evocative lyrics. This t...view item »

Falling Down A Mountain

Been ages since I've listened to anything by Tindersticks. Brian was always the office fan here and as they've progressed through their career he seems less keen on the new stuff and more keen on the 1st couple of albums. Whereas I was never that bothered at all by them but as I'm moving through the ages I'm warming to their baroque take on ...view item »

The BBC Sessions

A double CD by 90's legends The Tindersticks with BBC Sessions. They are a band that's passed me by but listening to them now i can see why my friends were obsessed with them back in the day. The music is theatrical dark and brooding and lead singer Stuart Staples rich distinctive voice wavers over the whole job. Enough ideas and moods to sink a ho...view item »

My Oblivion

Tindersticks continue their year of activity with another single (called My Oblvion on CD and 12" same tracks on each). The lead track is ultra lovely but I just can't take these lot seriously after the Vic Reeves club singer similarities were pointed out. Its a pity as the strings on this are just go...view item »

Travelling light

Tindersticks have quite a lot of very good songs and "Traveling Light" is one of them. It was taken from their second album released in 1995, which like their debut was eponymous but unofficially known as "II". It is a duet between Stuart Staples and Carla Torgerson from Seattle band The Walkabouts. Torgerson...view item »


Oh I must mention the Tindersticks DVD, 'Bareback', 9 films by Martin Wallace. Includes promos for the majority of post 'City Sickness' singles including that very one, co-directed by Jarvis Cocker. A must for 'sticks devotees. ...view item »

Sometimes It Hurts

The divine Tindersticks unleash the 2nd single from their 'Waiting for the moon' opus & it's classic 'stix from beginning to end. 'Sometimes It hurts' is a close relative of the  classic 'Travellin' Light' & is sooo lovely it hurts sooo bad. Has a crap painting of a  puss cat ...view item »

Don't Even Go There

Tindersticks are old faves of mine from long ago (when I still had hair & hated dance music!) so imagine my delight (& apprehension) when their brand new 4 track E.P called 'Don't Even Go There'. landed in my sweaty palms. Now I think there's a time for bands to quit & that was before they ...view item »

Trouble Every Day

Next up is the Tindersticks LP which is the soundtrack to a flim called Trouble Every Day which stars Beatrice Dalle and Vincent Gallo (see next paragraph). The film looks moody and miserable. Check out the blood stained cover gore fans. Musically it's actually quite good. Never been a massive f...view item »

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