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A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Sketch for Winter I: New Christmas Classics

Yule tide greetings from A Sunny Day In Glasgow. Sketch for Winter I: New Christmas Classics is the festive offering from the Philly group. Full of church bells, catchy synths, excited bass lines and soft vocalisations. It will give you a certified indie pop Christmas, plus there is a Mariah cover on ther...view item »

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Sea When Absent

It’s been a while but A Sunny Day In Glasgow are back with ‘Sea When Absent’, their third album proper. ‘Sea When Absent’ situates itself in the science fiction that is life in 2014 and goes looking for what new myths might speak to us in our post- Fukushima, post-quantum, post-everything world. Recorded ove...view item »

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Nitetime Rainbows

How on Earth did A Sunny Day In Glasgow get so good. It seems unfair that one band should have all the goodness when there's so many shit bands out there... Each record they make just seems to get better and better... I couldn't believe how good the debut was and then they dropped their last album on my face. Yowserz.... Then came 'Nitetime Rai...view item »

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Summerlong Silences

As far as shoegazing revival stuff goes, there's not a lot of new gear that floors me that much as I'm really old and was present & correct when all the original purveyors were hawking their wares! One exception is A Sunny Day in Glasgow who's album last year was a real treat. on their debut 7", 'Summerlong Silences' you get shimmering tre...view item »

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Ashes Grammar

I recall Phil going on & on at me while I was on my extended sanity leave about this band called A Sunny Day in Glasgow. What a shite name I thought, it always rains in Glasgow doesn't it? Then, by chance, we drove through Glasgow on a sunny day on the way to Oban & my friend Rick stopped the car and we assisted him to shin up a lam...view item »

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Scribble Mural Comic Journal

So here I am writing this review again a week later as Maggie annoyingly deleted my last review for this. It was great as well. Probably the best review I'd ever written and it's lost in cyberspace. No one will ever see it..... a daunting thought I'm sure you'll all agree. The only option I have left is to cobble together another review for th...view item »