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Iggy Pop
Bookies Club 870

Iggy Pop was recorded by a local radio station at Bookies Club 870 in Detroit. This album has only ever been available as a bootleg, but now the recording of the gig, from September 26th 1980, is available as a bona fide LP and CD for the first time, speed corrected and restored audio. Iggy blasts through solo classics such as L...view item »

Iggy Pop
Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Not only do we get a ferocious new album from James Newell Osterberg Jr., AKA Iggy Pop,  but we have been blessed with an even more unhinged performance of this killer material at the Royal Albert Hall. Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall is three vinyl LPs and a 16 page booklet of exactly th...view item »

The Stooges

Rarely, if ever, has the spirit and sound of rock’n’roll been distilled to such perfection. Iggy, the Asheton brothers and bassist Dave Alexander present a model of semi-improvised heavy psychedelic rock here. Loose and T.V. Eye are irresistible, but things get further out when ...view item »

Iggy Pop

This 10” contains versions of everyone’s two favourite songs from Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life album (the title track and ...view item »

Iggy Pop
TV Eye: 1977

The Iggy Pop himself, recorded live in concert during 1977, the same year as both The Idiot and Lust for Life and so at the absolute peak of his solo powers. TV Eye: 1977 is full of fierce performances from Iggy and his band, which includes a certain David Bowie on key...view item »

The Stooges
Highlights From The Fun House Sessions

Whilst recording their 1970 album Fun House, The Stooges used 13 reels of tape, taking only the last one for the album that was released. Released on CD in 1999, now made available on vinyl for the first time you can listen to a compilation of the other twelve tapes, with lots of alternative takes, loads of chatter as w...view item »

Iggy Pop & James Williamson
Kill City

Following the demise of the Stooges in 1974, Iggy Pop and James Williamson laid down a set of demos in the hopes of attracting record labels and getting Iggy Pop a record deal. The result is Kill City, which included fully-developed post-'Raw Power' material, such as the moving 'I Got Nothin'' and 'Johanna', while the title track and 'Beyond the...view item »

The Stooges
Heavy Liquid (The Album)

Phwoar, rare material from The Stooges! Heavy Liquid is a document of what went on in the studio around the time the band were recording their mighty Raw Power, and it consists of some truly ferocious proto-punk action, including a version of ‘Cock In My Pocket’. The Heavy Liquid double LP ...view item »

Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

Iggy’s second solo album came hot on the heels of the similarly Bowie-produced, but stylistically very different The Idiot (both 1977). With the Sales brothers on bass and drums and Carlos Alomar and Ricky Gardiner on guitars, this is much more of a rock a...view item »

The Stooges
Electric Circus

If you want a historical recording of a Stooges concert with Ron Asheton and Bob Williamson both playing guitars, go ahead. I knew that a live Stooges recording from this period wouldn't exactly be an audiophile recording but you can't make out the Iggy's classic vocals here. This is almost an instrumental album because the vocals are barely aud...view item »

Gimme Danger: The Story Of The Stooges - Music From The Motion Picture

Gimme Danger is Jim Jarmusch’s new documentary film about The Stooges, a band who I really don’t need to introduce you to. This Music From The Motion Picture release contains a tasty brace of Stooges classics, carefully selected to give an overview of the band&rsquo...view item »

Jeff Gold
TOTAL CHAOS: The Story of The Stooges / As Told By Iggy Pop

Music historian Jeff Gold’s new book lays The Story Of The Stooges in fascinating detail. Unlike some texts on the subject, this one was comes straight from the horse’s mouth, being the product of lengthy candid interviews with Iggy Pop himself. Needless to say, that guy makes for very enter...view item »

The Stooges
You Don’t Want My Name You Want My Action

This 4-CD set has a small subtitle on the cover: 1971 The Missing Link. Exactly. This is The Stooges after original bassist Dave Alexander had passed away, about one year after Fun House and featuring the unique line-up of Iggy Pop (vocals), Ron Asheton (guitar), James Williamson (guitar), Jimmy Recca (bass guitar) and Scott Asheton (drums)... n...view item »

James Williamson & Carolyn Wonderland (featuring The Stooges)
Open Up & Bleed / Gimme Some Skin

Wild dark red/pinky vinyl, looks good enough to eat, but that would hurt, wouldn't it? This 7" is a taster from a forthcoming LP of Stooges songs that Mr. Williamson and the boys (both old and recent line-ups are incorporated) never "properly got round to recording" back in t'day. (Although a surfeit of bootlegs and...view item »

The Stooges
Live at Ungano's

For an audience recording, "Have Some Fun" is really not bad at all. A fine document of the early era (the best, in my opinion) when Ron Asheton played guitar rather than bass. Here, the band is basically playing a live version of "Fun House" with the original tracking they wanted for the LP. What more could be asked for than this, beyond a simi...view item »

The Stooges
A Thousand Lights

This captures the Stooges at a time when the live experience was as crucial (if not more so) than the studio recordings. There is one full set that has the audience interaction, free jazz freakouts and general quality of controlled mayhem that was a typical live Stooges show. The first two songs are from an unrelated concert - perhaps: Have Some...view item »

Iggy Pop & The Stooges
Rough Power

The Stooges
The Stooges

Way back in 1969, Iggy Pop (then Iggy Stooge) and his Detroit homeboys created a joyful noise all across the land, a sound that would ultimately influence just about everything, even inadvertently to present day. Punk, hard rock, heavy metal, it was all influenced in some way by Iggy and the boys. This album is a part of an indispensable trio of...view item »