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Daniel Higgs
The Fools Sermon, part 1

Former Lungfish man Daniel Higgs does not mislead when he promises a Fools Sermon: he does indeed deliver his twisted version of a new age religious sermon, carefully intoning each word as though tasting them as they leave his mouth. In the background are creeping desert-like instrumentals: quite the li...view item »

The Skull Defekts
The Skull Defekts

This is the final album from experimental Swedes the Skull Defekts. They are known for somehow melding raucous punk with ritualistic psychedelic folk creating an overwhelming barrage of sound. Someone from, Wildbirds and Peacedrums has joined for this swansong which should see them go out with a bang. ...view item »

Joachim Nordwall
The Ideal Black

Not that I’m a masochist or anything, but I do enjoy the thrill of being physically pummeled by sound. Currently the new LP from Skull Defekt and iDEAL Recordings bossman Joachim Nordwall...view item »

High Boys
World Numbination EP

You might know Joachim Nordwall and Jean-Louis Huhta from their work in the intense experimental group Skull Defekts, but their first project as a duo, High Boys, moves in very different territory. World Numbination is a four track power-pack of acidic electro-acoustic ...view item »

The Skull Defekts

What is it with this crazed Swedish band? They're well deranged like a voodoo Gothic tribal breakdown I reckon. Vocally they're like the demented hybrid of Mike Patton, Current 93, The Birthday Party, PIL & Scratch Acid and the music isn't much more normal, weighing in somewhere betwe...view item »

Saturn and the Sun
Focus On the Centre Of Your Skull

Focus On The Centre Of Your Skull by Saturn and the Sun is a visceral yet mind altering mix of psychedelic electronics, ‘80s industrial music, minimal techno and dub. Claims that this will leave your brain in tatters are probably not far from the truth. Recorded directly to tape then pressed to vinyl....view item »

Ryan Martin & Joachim Nordwall
Trance Below The Streets

The title Trance Below The Streets presumably refers to the state of mind that these two deep synth-heads fell into while recording the record in a chilly basement. Ryan Martin and Joachim Nordwall weave their tender electronic patterns around one another, forming beautiful crystalline sculptures. 300 L...view item »

The Skull Defekts
Street Metal

Damaged tribal distortions from The Skull Defekts. Street Metal puts fourth some cranial punishment combining deep anxious percussion with deranged guitars and unhinged synths. This is what happens when you're left alone in the dark with a tabla, a guitar, an Ian Curtis' biography and a converge album. Out on vinyl LP f...view item »

The Skull Defekts
Dances In Dreams Of The Known And Unknown

A call to arms from The Skull Defekts. Dances In Dreams Of The Known And Unknown is a dense nine tracker from the Swedes. Blending the mediums of punk and metal with scandinavian folkloric tribalism to make a record of total darkness. They mush distorted guitars, warmongering drums and melodic spoken...view item »

The Skull Defekts
Rotating Feedback & Save The Skulls

On the same label I have a CD by a band called The Skull Defekts. called 'Open the Gates of Mimer'. A massive soundscape using electric guitars and feedback. Kind of like living next to the A1 motorway. Drones, atmospheric space....It's like another soundtrack. Perhaps the sombre apocalyptic end sequence where the hero gets it ...view item »

The Skull Defekts
The Temple

The new Skull Defekts album on Important looks pretty swish, living up to its moniker The Temple with a big totemic pyramidic thing adorning the cover in pretty pastels. I was anticipating a bit of a heavy dronefest here but they've completely overturned my expectations with a fairly straightforward and accessible hard rock sound on the first coupl...view item »

The Skull Defekts
Peer Amid

The Skull Defekts are a Swedish experimental rock band with a slew of decent releases out on various labels that include important, Kning Disk, Conspiracy, Utech, Release The Bats, Riot Season and iDEAL. They also put a split out with Italian band In Zaire that I recently spent some time touring with in my band NOPE. These guys are already a wel...view item »

The Skull Defekts/The Sons Of God
Received in Studio Dental, Gothenburg

The last Skull Defekts release I can remember us stocking was one of their big, hairy stoner rock efforts. Received in Studio Dental, Gothenburg is one of their small, shaved droner drone efforts, recorded in collaboration with The Sons of God. For the first few minutes it sounds like a recording of a little man doing some modest DIY in a wee house...view item »

The Skull Defekts
The Black Hand

I only stumbled across The Skull Defekts around 6 months ago when I discovered their split with Wolf Eyes. This week they make an appearance on the mighty fine Riot Season imprint with their brand of black drone. They've had stuff out on Utech, AA and Conspiracy. 'The Black Hand' is dark experiments in feedback, drone and electronics. LP only and t...view item »

The Skull Defekts
The Sound of Defekt Skulls

The Skull Defekts make some great freaky soundscapes. 'The Sound Of Defekt Skulls and Intense Cranium Contact (Feedbacking Gothenburg and Chicago)' is no exception. This is one epic track of dense noise serious sub bass rumblings, feedback and effects in a really cool sleeve. One for the Wolf Eyes heads. On Utech. This one will fuck the neighbou...view item »