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The Sea and Cake
Any Day

The Sea And Cake are comprised of John McIntire (also a member of Tortoise), Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt and Eric Claridge. They basically write pop music, but their sound is unique: pop music that avoids every cliche with subtlety as its key. There’s a fai...view item »

The Sea and Cake

The Sea & The Cake release oh, what must be their tenth or eleventh long player. "Everybody" contains simple, understated music presented with an effortless poise that makes this bunch of musicians a joy to listen to. Who'd fail not to like a record with John McEntire at the helm. If you know anything about these Thrill Jockey stalwar...view item »

The Sea and Cake

Transcendent without being overbearing like a lot of jazz can be, mainstream enough to appeal to pop sensibilities yet sophisticated and smart. The quietest moments of Steely Dan, perhaps "Aja"'s "Deacon Blues" or their later work "Two Against Nature" gives one a reference point where they leave off and the Sea and Cake take the most subtle poin...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Fawn

The Sea and Cake is a band with tremendous talent and a creative vision. Their sound is simple yet complicated, integrating rich, dreamy sounds with Sam Prekop's soothing voice. "Sporting Life" is a stunningly beautiful song that never wears out; it motivates you to hope high and love life. "There you are" is equally beautiful- it starts off bar...view item »

Behind The Shadow Drops

This is the debut album from  Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto of iconic Japanese rock explorers Mono. Here he stretches out into a myriad of styles from ambient to trip hop to industrial minimalism and modern classical  and takes members of Tortoise, Mono and the Sea & Cake along...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Biz

Many TSAC listeners seperate the band's career into two segments: pre and post-Fawn. And I would definitely agree. While their work on The Fawn and later albums is undeniably TSAC in its sound, it is remarkably different than their first three albums. For my money, The Biz is the best of the pre-Fawn era. Here they are still the guitar driven, s...view item »

The Sea and Cake

This is definitely the Sea and Cake's most varied album; the scope of the songs ranges from the light breezy "Parasol" to the uptempo "Nature Boy" to the album-ending rock-out "I Will Hold The Tea Bag." It's a bit of a departure from their usual latin jazz sound, and it's not as electronic as The Fawn or One Bedroom, but I like the chances that ...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Sea and Cake

I just recently became a fan of 'Sea and Cake' This is their first album; I believe and I love it! It's just so relaxing. I think my blood pressure goes down just listening to it and I love 'So Long to the Captain' 'Lost in Autumn' (good music to listen to before bedtime). Only outlier would be 'Choice Blanket' - it's unusally upbeat...for Sea a...view item »

The Sea and Cake

YES! The Sea And Cake return with another installment of their patented brand of laid back indie rock for Thrill Jockey. ‘Runner’ was initially meant as a co...view item »

The Sea & Cake
One Bedrom

With One Bedroom, The Sea & Cake once again deliver the goods. Though clocking in at around 40 minutes, and offering the curious listener minimal cover art without any lyric sheet whatsoever (both trademarks of previous TSAC releases), One Bedroom offers the listener a panorama of beautiful sounds and plays on words that only singer & so...view item »

The Sea and Cake
Car Alarm

At first listen, Car Alarm sounds a lot like The Sea and Cake's before it. Sam Prekop's lilting voice still dominates the sound and no one is ever going to mistake these folks for Metallica. The Sea and Cake is understated indie, low on angst and distortion and long on melody and songcraft. However, Car Alarm has more bounce and edge to it than ...view item »

The Sea and Cake
The Moonlight Butterfly

The Sea And Cake have always made consistently good records. For the past 20 years they've forged a truly unique sound that embraces elements of jazz, Afrobeat, Latin and electronica whilst maintaining a unique individualism. Ultra mellow whilst being reliably upbeat, the...view item »

The Sea and Cake
One Bedroom

With One Bedroom, TSAC have proven their knack for writing quirky pop songs that still endure long after its 40 minutes have ended. At the same time, TSAC lives up to the motto of "Sound and Vision": giving the listener a view of the world, as seen through them - a hypnotic panorama of sound that doesn't disappoint, and sure enough, is only gett...view item »

Field Recordings From The Cook County Water Table

Brokeback, the solo project of Douglas McCombs of Tortoise, The Sea And Cake and various other outlets, released debut album Field Recordings From The Cook County Water Table in 1999. It’s a gorgeous listen, combining natural noises with subtle instrumentation fro...view item »