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Bill Wells
Remixes For Seksound

The Seksound label gets parts of its catalogue reworked by the legend Bill Wells, who applies his particular approach to ‘remixing’. With material put together over the last fourteen years, this compilation release includes originals by ...view item »

National Jazz Trio Of Scotland
Standards Vol. IV

The National Jazz Trio of Scotland are the collective led by heavily bearded composer Bill Wells. Thing is they are neither a trio nor play jazz. However they are from Scotland so that bit is correct and the album does contain moments of jazz amidst its outsider pop and modern composition. As well as ten Bill We...view item »

Bill Wells & Friends
Nursery Rhymes

Bill Wells’ new record Nursery Rhymes is very accurately named: these are indeed versions of infinitely familiar traditional nursery rhymes. But these versions are anything but familiar, with musicians including Yo La Tengo, Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Isobe...view item »

Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells
(If You) Keep Me In Your Heart

I once had the 'luxury' of watching Aidan Moffat shout "Shut up you fucking cunts!" at an audience made-up partly of Mogwai's Mums and Dads at a homecoming Glasgow show a few years back. Contrary to expectations, he hasn't ended up in the gutter and instead has carved a remarkable and varied career for himself over the years. I've just seen a ph...view item »

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat
The Most Important Place In The World

Taking its name from an IKEA marketing slogan, ‘The Most Important Place In The World’ is Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat’s much anticipated follow up to their award-winning debut album ‘Everything’s Getting Older’. Wells and Moffat are reunited with in house producer for Chemikal, Paul Savage (Mogwai, Franz Fer...view item »

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat
The Powers and the Glory of Love

Aidan Moffat seems to be turning to his twitter feed for inspiration more and more lately, with this single being born of a journo's challenge on Twitter to create a medley of all three classic '80s 'Power Of Love' singles. Cheeky Moffat's even thrown in a little bit of Peter Cetera's 'Glo...view item »

Bill Wells

Last night scratting through the obscure TV channels I came across an old episode of 'Last of the Summer Wine'. It culminated in the three old men hurtling down a hill, not in a bath this time but on a bike. You couldn't make it up. I mention this for no other reason that the opening melo...view item »

Tape & Bill Wells

I began writing about this Tape & Bill Wells 'Fugue' record yesterday but I gave up as the words just were not coming to me. I guess that's probably a good sign though as I was just kind of getting into the melancholy zone of the record, which certainly is a thing of beauty. Wells' guitar playing is delicate and magical. The Tape guys really gi...view item »

Ca Celestial & Bill Wells
Somewhere Under A Rainbow

CA Celestial & Bill Wells: 'Somewhere Under A Rainbow' (Wee Black Skelf) Yes you read the title correctly, this isn't some remix of the famous Wizard Of Oz song, but some whispy, fragile and frail sounding female vocals over strummed, picked and gentle guitar refrains. not quite sure who to compare them with; maybe Mazzy Star, Joanna Newsome or...view item »

Bill Wells
Pick Up Sticks

Also in is a new LP/CD on Leaf by Bill Wells aided by Stefan Schnieder, Barbara Morgernstern and Annie Whitehead (whoever she may be) which largely comprises of acoustic avant garde jazz. I'm far too harrassed to get my head round this at the mo.......view item »

Bill Wells & Isobel Campbell
Ghost of Yesterday

Bill Wells & Isobel Campbell- Isobel Campbell used to be in Belle & Sebastian. Here she is being all arty everywhere with modern day jazz guru Bill Wells. A gourgeous album packed with pianos, electronic hums, moving vocals, other electronic bits and bats, small jazz and pr...view item »

Jad Fair & Bill Wells

Even odder is a new CD in today from the US by Jad Fair (why he not as big as Daniel Johnston I do not know... well it might be something to do with the fact that he's not quite as mental but still....) and Bill Wells (of Bill Wells Octet fame!) and it's recorded live in Glasgow. This is menta...view item »