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The Rebel
Riding In The Sun / Why Must I Pay

Country Teasers mainman Ben Wallers is also The Rebel, and it is under this guise that he does some of his most fascinating work. Outsider punk that peels the genre apart and shows you s...view item »

The Rebel
The Five Year Plan

Okay, I'm a little bit won over here before I even put the record on the player. Take it out of the sleeve and you will discover that the blank side of this record has been screenprinted with a cool little picture of a snooker ball, and the side with the songs on has a picture of ...view item »

The Rebel
K Rot

In the past 15 years, Country Teaser Ben "The Rebel" Wallers has built up the kind of solo discography most artists would take years to churn out. Fifteen albums and almost as many EPs on top - does the man ever rest? Here's another one. "Quite a bit more straight forward than some of his more recent works", says ...view item »

The Rebel
M.C.C. (Mouthwatering Claustrophobic Changes)

The Rebel did that funny Andrei Tarkovsky-monikered LP what had the guy's wang out on it and now they've got a new one called MCC (Mouthwatering Claustrophobic Changes). It's all over the place but literally loads of fun. The first tune's an Kraftwerkian electro-tronica party banger and elsewhere you've got crazy Radiophonic-y analogishness, bad ke...view item »

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