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The Human League

Album the first from The Human League, the Sheffield synth-pop heroes. Released in 1979, it wasn’t (initially) a hit, but it does present the fully-formed sound of the band who would soon dominate the charts and play a part in defining the sound of the 80’s. LP reissue on ...view item »

The Human League

The second album from The Human League, the Sheffield synth-pop heroes. Travelogue was released in 1980, and is the last record to feature the full original line-up before the Heaven 17 schism. That also means that Travelogue is the last chance to hear the slightly more industrially-edged versi...view item »

The Human League
Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group

Perhaps the perfect gift for the synth-pop fan in your life. A 3LP/2CD retrospective of British synth pop greats the Human League all the way from those early terrifying singles through the Top of the Pops years to their later less known work. Features more classics than you can shake a stick at alongside demos and rarities. The...view item »

The Human League
Night People

Its worth mentioning to all today's bands ripping off music from the 1980's that if The Human League at their inception looked so far back, they would have sounded like George Formby. These days they earn a nice little living as a retro act touring every December to those looking to remember where they were when our Phil chatted to that waitress...view item »

The Human League

Credo is not The Human League's best work but it is also not their worst. It falls somewhere in the middle. At first listen, I did not like Credo, but with repeated listening, I began to hear the hooks. The production isn't nearly top notch as Secrets is, but it isn't horrendous. This is a great album from Human League, more modern but matured. ...view item »

The Future and The Human League
The Golden Hour of the Future

Way back in 2002 my girlfriend bought me a CD for my birthday (a request) and it was the most exciting thing for me at the time to get some previously unreleased early material from The Future and The Human League. Being a huge fan of their early master works 'The Dignity Of Labour' etc. It appeared in my best albums of the last 10 years chart whic...view item »

Manicured Noise / The Human League
Moscow 1980 / The Dignity of Labour Pt. III (Fred Deakin mixes)

Here's an odd 7" single by Manicured Noise and Human League remixed by Fred Deakin from Lemon Jelly limited to 500 copies on the Caroline True label (home to The Nightingales). I think both of these tunes have appeared in Fred's Tryptyche mix if you're interested. Presumerably you are as you're reading...The Manicured Noise tune is a great post p...view item »

The Human League
Things That Dreams Are Made Of

It's sad that the classic Giorgio Moroder Sound has been hijacked by the mullets. So Genetics Recordings / Hooj Choons have released The Human League's 'The Things That Dreams Are Made Of' with a brand new remix by Martin Rushent which is okay like. I much prefer the earlier stuff though. Reproduction and Travelogue are pure classics but what do I ...view item »