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The Heads

The Heads fans rejoice as some of their more hard to find releases from the early 2000s are now compiled on one 3LP collection. Comprising of the first 3 releases The Heads put out on the Rocket label, this finds the band at their most freeform, a psychedelic sprawling mass of grooves and noise rock fun.      ...view item »

SRR2.5 Special Love Songs for Hardworking People in Alarm Clock Britain

What a racket. Do we like rackets? Is that our thing? I asked Phil and apparently it’s our thing. With their front cover warmly plagiarizing the work of a certain famous industrial band you all apparently like a lot, Anthroprophh hardly pretend to be anything other than a loud band. Turn the damn thing on and you’re rewarded with a r...view item »


Titans of idiocy Anthroprophh offer Paul Allen -- a serious psychedelic stalwart in the Heads -- the chance to make true on the most ludicrous of thoughts his brain is channeling energy for. ‘OMEGAVILLE’ is a wacky trip through a cosmos busy with banality, his usual brand of fuzz here entirely unfiltered as he growls, squeals and squ...view item »

The Heads
Relaxing With...

OOHHH!! This comes thundering out of your speakers like a angry rhino who's just come back from a hard day at the swamp to find you in bed with his wife, wearing his silky bathrobe and smoking his finest lifepipes. They are LOUD and brash . I thought they were American - imagine my chagrin once I found out they were (are?) from Bristol. They dab...view item »

Kandodo / McBain
Lost Chants / Last Chance

Some very sonic men, who would fill up a pie chart as three quarters the Heads and one quarter Monster Magnet, have gotten together and made a very long album of furiously wahing psychedelic bravado. They call themselves Kandodo, but they love incoming member John McBain so muc...view item »

The Heads

Ohwoaowowwhwhwwhahhh Wahh Wahh hWooaoh Woaaah! It’s the Heads! They sound literally exactly like that; I have reduced them to psychedelic onomatopoeia. A year or two ago someone thought it’d be a good idea to reissue their gnarled-trip behemoth ‘Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere’, and since then they have been resurrected in...view item »

The Heads
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Remaster)

Here, finally, is the long-awaited reissue of The Heads' second album 'Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere', arguably the shiniest jewel in the psych-fuzz monsters' glittering canon. They've gone all-out with this one, with a fancy expensive 5LP+CD box for the die-hards as well as a regular 2LP edition and a 2CD versio...view item »

The Heads
Dead In The Water

I guess these guys are yet another overlooked band in a sea of too many overlooked ones. I'm not sure what this album is supposed to's almost as if it's a collection of live uninterrupted jams from various venues, but whatever it is - it smokes. I highly recommend this to fans of the neo-psych, stoner, sludge, etc. genres. If you are a ...view item »

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