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Benoit Pioulard

I have only a small number of things in common with our lord, our leader, our saviour Philip Leigh and one is an absolute adoration of a previous Benoit Pioulard album ‘Lasted’ which I said way back in 2010 was “where wistful songwriting meets evocative warped ‘70s Polaroid nos...view item »

Ant’lrd & Benoît Pioulard
Deck Amber

Benoît Pioulard (a real favourite of ours: check out the Norman Podcast he did for us a few years back) teams up with Ant’lrd for a double cassette serving of gorgeous decay music, made with synths, tape loops, and a sense of wonder. A solo piece from each artist, and then seven hearty slabs of colla...view item »

Seventeen Words

Two top-of-the-line melodic dronemakers team up to form Gailes: that’s Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri. Seventeen Words was recorded during heavy winter times, and it has the special ability to sound both cold (the wind, the snow drifts) and warm (the thick walls and the...view item »

Benoit Pioulard

An intimate album of warm melodic droning. Benoit Pioulard started the process of making this album by recording unexpectedly musical tones from animal or mechanical sources (eg. extractor fans), and then transposing those sounds to his guitar. Released on almost-identically-priced vinyl and CD by the ever-loved Kranky label....view item »

Benoît Pioulard
The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter

On his sixth release for Kranky Benoît Pioulard weaves delicate candyfloss pop melodies through a hazy wooden shack in the sun setting. Reflective and at peace pop songs that let you just take a minute for yourself. Delicately plucked guitars and satisfyingly found sound-like percussion takes you away from it all....view item »

Benoit Pioulard
Seize / Marre

Thomas Meluch, better known as Benoît Pioulard, is always busy making something: after 2015’s Sonnet and Noyaux, he’s now bringing us a new 7”. Seize / Marre is limited to 300 pressings, all of which signed by the artist. Seize drifts along peacefully, with...view item »

Being / Benoît Pioulard / Symbol / Dead Voices On Air
Rail Cables - Spring Selection 2015

Spring Selection 2015, the latest release from the Rail Cables label, presents the listener with tracks from a number of different artists: Being, Benoit Pioulard, This Will Destroy You member Symbol, and ex-Zoviet*France member Dead Voices On A...view item »

Benoit Pioulard

Noyaux follows up Benoît Pioulard’s recent release for ambient overlords Kranky with this new full-length on Morr Music. Four tracks stretch themselves out over the record, each one relating to a family member. I guess Pioulard must like his family, as these are beautifully warm pieces of dr...view item »

Benoit Pioulard
Hymnal Remixes

Benoit Pioulard is the alter ego of American singer / songwriter Thomas Meluch. Releasing music prolifically since 2001, 2013's 'Hymnal' is his most recent recording. Here it is given the remix treatment by a plethora of mix magicians, lending a new vibe to Pioulard's experimental folk sound. Double CD on Lost Tribe Sound. ...view item »

Benoit Pioulard
Live In Museum

The shadowy Thomas “Benoit Pioulard” Meluch contributed a chunk of loveliness to the gorgeous ‘Musique Pour Statues Menhirs’ compilation on Arbouse into whi...view item »

Foxes in Fiction + Benoit Pioulard
Ground Glass

The warming ambient of Benoit Pioulard meets the delicate and unobtrusive dream pop of Foxes In Fiction for a 7" of beautiful music that doesn't want to be a bother. Rather than divulge their music in the standard split format, they exchanged sound clips until their collaborative work built i...view item »

Various (Part Timer, Aaron Martin, Benoit Pioulard etc.)
Lost Tribe Sound - One

I'm only a coupla songs into this and it sounds mint! It's a 20 track comp featuring exclusive tracks by Part Timer, Benoit Pioulard, The Remote Viewer, Brael, Gavouna, Tokyo Bloodworm, Aaron Martin, Helios etc.... Loads of other folks as well. Basically, if you're into Type, Moteer/Mobeer then you're gonna love this as it's all of your favourit...view item »

Benoit Pioulard

There's barely a bad record out this week. How are you going to pay for it all? Credit Card is the answer. Buy now - worry later. You'll want this one too, its chirruping, pointy acoustic guitar meanderings, clangy percussion, homespun but fantastic melodies - this aint half as ambient as I was expecting from its sleeve and the op...view item »

Benoit Pioulard
Plays Thelma

As far as I can gather from the press release Thelma is some kind of imaginary/metaphorical retreat from the rigors of day to day life, and where better to enjoy an album of totally relaxing and textured melodic drone than there, I suppose. On this six-part LP, Pioulard rubs us all over w...view item »

Praveen & Benoit Pioulard
Songs Spun Simla

Well what do you know, you wait for one CD with accordion on and seventeen come along at once! Well, two. This Praveen & Benoit release isn't a split like that other one though, they've gotten together like women at a book club. Aww.. It's called Songs Spun Simla and it's really right proper seriously good. It plods along at a leisurely pace bu...view item »

Benoit Pioulard

BENOIT PIOULARD follows his album for the Kranky stable with a single for type. 'Fir' Has lots going on. Lots of layers of guitar, effects and little bits coming in and out of the mix. Not unlike Panda Bear in places. The effect on the vocal give an aged feel to the music. Like it could have be...view item »

Benoit Pioulard

've reviewed a few things on Kranky and not one of them has been less than totally interesting. The label seem to consistently release high quality music. BENOIT PIOULARD's new CD 'Precis' is no exception. There's a real 60's hazyness feel, really magical and dreamy sounding. His vocals and acoustic guitar playing really stand o...view item »