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The Fiery Furnaces
Blueberry Boat

Back in the days when it was a proper print rag, you could always tell a good album by a 1 out of 10 score in NME. That judgement ensured I picked up Fiery Furnaces second LP which took the bluesy White Stripes rock of their debut and ran with it to the asylum taking in bits of Beefheart, Zappa and the Cardiacs ...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
The End Is Near

The Fiery Furnaces have been knocking out tunes for some time now but i've never encountered them until now. On first listen i can tell you that they craft pop music in a relaxed and non-offensive manner. You couldn't dislike 'The end is near' even if you wanted too!! It's got all the traits of great pop music; a simple arrangement, an infectious m...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
Widow City

Ant here kicking off my bit with a CD from Fiery Furnaces. 'Widow City' was recorded in Chicago by John "Tortoise" Mcentire. I'd love to have a word for something I was well known for inserted between my first and last name like that. Sadly my life isn't all that exciting sp it would probably be something like Anthony "Sleep" Lo...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
I'm Going Away

Fiery Furnaces are that rare beast of a band that are loved by a large pocket of total weirdos globally, whilst repelling just about everybody else with both a/ ears and b/ a brain. The way they schizophrenically combine progressive lo-fi pop, blues balladery, rattly caberet rock & tedious 70's AOR should be commended but I constantly feel like...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces

"So The Fiery Furnaces have done this live release thing called Remember, yeah? It's totally like packed to the rafters with y'know, stuff they did at shows and shit, OK? They've done it over these two CDs and even a triple LP thing. No bullshit, right? You still with me? It's tough following me, I know. I'm so full of crazy maverick ideas tha...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
Rehearsing My Choir

I have to admit I hated the Fiery Furnaces when they first came out   - I had them down as an obvious cash in on The White Stripes and in the same bracket as The Kills & all the other boy/girl duo's. But one day I read a review in the NME of their second album that gave it 1 out of 10 and was fascinated as I...view item »

Fiery Furnaces, Blues Explosion, Various
Songs of Junior Kimbrough

The Fiery Furnaces

Those crazy Fiery Furnace kids have a 10 track compendium of singles & other shit out called 'EP' It doesn't have 'Crystal Clear' on it though which, being their best song an' all, renders this bargain collection a teeny bit freaking pointless. Her voice is to die for any day, though. Rough Trade CD only...view item »

The Fiery Furnaces
Gallowsbird's Park

Also on Rough Trade is the debut album by The Fiery Furnaces. Now I loved that 7" they did. Bouncy, quirky, catchy and a bit bonkers.....The album is more of the same and it's a hybrid of Chas & Dave, The Cardiacs And The Velvet Underground. Well worth a punt if you've got some spare ...view item »