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The Declining Winter
Chimneys etc.

Very very limited and exclusive 7" by Hood co-founder and also Memory Drawings stick Richard Adams under his the Declining Winter moniker. Five home made tracks held together with bits of garden twine as is the artwork with individual brown paper covers hand stamped and each with a unique photo....view item »

Memory Drawings
The Nearest Exit

Third album from the Anglo/American collective Memory Drawings, featuring members of Hood, Manyfingers, Brave Timbers and Movietone. Pushing their exquisite dulcimer/guitar/violin sound deeper into the heart of post-rock (with nods towards Bark Psychosis...view item »

The Declining Winter
Endless Scenery

Hood’s Richard Adams releases his fifth album as The Declining Winter on a small run CD-R. The isolated, lo-fi songs on Endless Scenery are centred around Adams’ looping, cyclical guitar playing and choral-inspired vocals. The suitably wintery tone is also expressed in the beautiful ...view item »

The Declining Winter

A lovely six tracker of late night melancholy from Hood alumni Richard Adams. The especially composed EP for the French imprint Monopsone showcases various shades of fractured, rusted acoustics and electronica with that ever present autumnal hue. Like mist lifting from an October field to reveal shards of sunshine.  ...view item »

Northern Exchange
The Loveliest Lanes We Knew

Northern Exchange were a short-lived duo, operating from either side of the Pennines. They only put together one EP in their time, with three short tracks, and here it is. The Loveliest Lanes We Knew is a sweet set of songs, made with minimal means and (apparently) a deep love of Young Marble Giants. A ...view item »

Bob Nastanovich (Pavement), Irma Vep, The Declining Winter.
Wharf Chambers, Leeds Saturday 5th November

EARLY BIRD ticket to an event to mark the culmination of a years promoting gigs in aid of the mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). York based promoters Let's Go Baboon have secured the services of none other than Bob Nastanovich of Pavement who will no doubt give horse racing tips once...view item »

The Declining Winter
Official World Cup Theme 2010

I soon as I heard this record it evoked so many memories of bald fat men crying... No I wasn't reminiscing about a week of work here at Norman but I was casting my mind back to an event that occurs every 4 years..... An event that the English football fan looks forward to with a unhealthy mixture of hope and dread, an event that the Scottish foo...view item »

The Declining Winter / Isnaj Dui

Absolutely gorgeous looking hand numbered split 12" on Rural Colours with screen printed sleeves and additional postcards. The Declining Winter side consists of seven stripped back pop songs recorded in a remote cabin producing a raw, evocative sound that reflects the environment it was made. Overleaf Katie English aka Isnaj Dui puts away her fl...view item »

Various (The Safe Distance, The Declining Winter etc)
A Tribute to Crabstick

To those of us who were around at the time, Crabstick were one of the finest bands of the early '90s. They had a wonderful rustic lo-fi charm that was one part Beat Happening, one part Daniel Johnston and one part The Go-Betweens. Someone should reissue their 'Stud or Houseboy' album pronto. Here is a cheap and cheerful tribute disc with tracks ...view item »

The Declining Winter
Home For Lost Souls

Following the success of our Album Of The Year winner 'Exist/Resist' by Bracken album, the other co-founder of that much-loved post rock/electronic group Hood (namely Richard Adams) unleashes a brand new album under his The Declining Winter moniker. Expect warmly produced, forward-thinking, ...view item »

The Declining Winter + Manyfingers + Gerrard Bell-Fife
Wharf Chambers, Leeds (Friday August 7th)

Gig at Wharf Chambers on 7th August featuring some people we like very much here at the towers who rarely play gigs. The Declining Winter is the project of Hood co-founder Richard Adams. They haven't played live in 5 years and we've sold shedloads of their new record 'Home For Lost Souls'. Manyfingers is Soeza/M...view item »

The Declining Winter
Haunt The Upper Hallways

Haunt the Upper Hallways marks the return of The Declining Winter and introduces, what I assume to be an innovative new release format. 'Haunt the upper hallways' is ten tracks spread over a 7" and a CD. Certainly a cool way of providing plenty of content without pfaffing about trying to find an affordable MP3 download service provider. I lik...view item »

The Declining Winter
Lost Songs

Mr Richard Adams, formerly of the excellent gone-but-not-forgotten Leeds band Hood, has compiled this super little batch of odds and sods, recorded from 2010 onwards under his Declining Winter moniker. With a cassette-only release on the San...view item »

The Declining Winter
Goodbye Minnesota

Very limited vinyl re-issue.180 gram vinyl packaged in a discophile sleeve with stickered artwork designed by Craig Boats, insert and unique postcard in each one. Amazing! A long suffering customer of ours popped in yesterday, marveling at how we keep going & complementing us for our enthusiasm, even posting reviews in from the oth...view item »

The Declining Winter
Scenes From The Back Bedroom Window

Bloody thing. 3" sod. We nearly forgot it. There's a man we know, an angry redhead type, who would be kicking us all around Armley if we let this one slip through the cracks. And believe me, our cracks are enormous. This is one of those dinky things on Little Super Secret Furry Vole or summat. Italian it is. Like yer Dad's loafers. The band in q...view item »

The Declining Winter
Moteer Remixes

Single of the week this week goes to the rather excellent Declining Winter Remixes CD on Mobeer Records which is a new offshoot of the Moteer label. It comes packaged in a beer mat style sleeve which obviously shows fondness for booze (something we all know and love). On the CD are 5 reworkings of one of the Declining Winter songs from the last sin...view item »

The Declining Winter
The Future Sound of Hip Hop Parts 1 and 2

It's finally here!!After months and months of waiting The Declining Winter single is here and what a joyful beast it is. The Future Sound of Hip Hop Parts 1 and 2 is a total breathe of fresh air hovering above a stagnant pool of filthy gassy music. We have 2 tracks of pastoral beauty on this 7" from founding Hood member Richard Adams. Musically i...view item »