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The Decemberists
I'll Be Your Girl

Uh oh. The Decemberists have sought fit to drag in 'super' producer John Congleton and embrace influences such as Roxy Music and New Order on their eighth album. Safe to say that my dad's not going to like this one little bit. Lead single "Severed" though expertly showcases Congleton's abil...view item »

The Decemberists

Florasongs is a new five-track EP by The Decemberists. All tracks are previously unreleased rare as hens teeth. They were written during the sessions for their seventh album What A Beautiful World, What A Terrible World. Florasongs is released on 10” vinyl only and is a must have for fa...view item »

The Decemberists
January Hymn

Seems they're a bit obsessed with months, this lot.. I guess they'd have felt a bit silly doing a December song so they've plumped for crisp, fresh January as the theme for this particular example of their laid-back, baroque indie folk pop. It's quite a nice little tune I reckon, strongly written with the vocals heavily emphasized and possessing...view item »

The Decemberists
What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

Most albums by The Decemberists have a strong narrative running through them (see The Hazards Of Love for example), but for this record, the band apparently let the songs develop into whatever forms seemed right. Consequently, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World is The Decemberists in a different mode...view item »

The Decemberists
Make You Better

A poached egg of longing here from the Decemberists. Make You Better is an archetypal love song in a folk-rock/americana-esque fashion that the Decemberists have carved out over the years. Colin Meloy does his idiosyncratic drawl over a chorus of vocal harmonies, accompanied by the usual acoustic a...view item »

The Decemberists
The King Is Dead

The Decemberists are one of those unfathomably popular bands who seem to get the love from everyone despite sounding like the kind of American band around in the 80's/90's intended for those listeners who found REM a bit too 'challenging' (Toad the Wet Sprocket anyone? Velvet Elvis? Rembrants?). It's folky college rock with nasal vocals that gra...view item »

The Decemberists
Always The Bridesmaid: A singles Series Vol.2

The Decemberists release their 2nd in the series of the limited edition 7"'s on Rough Trade. Not really familiar with these guys. the A side really doesn't do too much for me. Nice strum along indie pop..... actually it's a decent song but I think I'm too busy to enjoy it. The flipside is a cover of 'I'm Sticking With You' by Lou Reed which so...view item »

The Decemberists
Always The Bridesmaid Volume 3

Vol. 3 of The Decemberists 'Always The Bridesmaid' 7" series is playing. Its a lovely looking series on Rough Trade. Beneath the grooves are some heartfelt ditties with acoustic guitar and weeping string melodies. It's not a happy listen by any means but if you fancy something a wee bit miserable sounding then this is decent gear. 'Record Year...view item »

The Decemberists
The Hazards Of Love

The Hazards of Love is the most electric album by The Decemberists, but it makes sense because the tracks ebb and flow with the telling of the tale from calm tracks telling of love to loud, calamitous tracks of turmoil and peril. Just under a full hour long, but not one gap between tracks. They all flow smoothly into one another. And this makes ...view item »

The Decemberists
Always The Bridesmaid - A Singles Series.Volume I

Phil was just trying to flog me this Decemberists 7" like a well dodgy market seller. It does have a nice outer sleeve with a cut-out window and interchangable pictures on the innners though, I'll give it that. It's like Physical Graffiti. The song is called 'Valerie Plame' and it's basically just 'Hey Jude' with the words changed. Fuck that shit...view item »

The Decemberists
O Valencia

The DECEMBERISTS 'O Valencia!' 7" on Rough Trade is currently spinning. It's polished American country type pop. Not my thing at all but you can tell it's done well. B-side 'After The Bombs' has some violin and piano going on. A right shit kicking miserable slice of music....view item »

The Decemberists
The Crane Wife

"The Crane Wife" is a lovely album but never quite reaches neither the beauty of "Castaways and Cutouts", nor the pop brilliance of "Picaresque". It does, however, show noticeable improvement in both the complexity of arrangements and the musicianship of its players. I can see why after Picaresque that they decided to go slightly in a new direct...view item »

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