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Miss Red
Dagga / One Shot Killer

Pure dancehall fire from MC Miss Red with two cuts from her imminent 'K.O.' album. Both are produced by bass quake riddim master Kevin Martin AKA The Bug. Miss Red's fierce chattin' style and Martin's production are a match made in heaven. This limited edition, hand-stamped red wax sampler is hard evidence ...view item »

Flame 1 (Burial & The Bug)
Fog / Shrine

A new collaboration landing, between night bus mystery man Burial and bass-weight Skeng supremo The Bug! For many fans of the UK bass music scene, this will be the collaboration of their dreams, and these two tracks under their Flame 1 handle do not disappoint in the slightest. These dense, smoky, dubbed out and deeply atmospheric...view item »

The Bug
Box ft. D Double E / Iceman ft. Riko Dan

The Bug gets busy with two of Grime’s most heavyweight microphone lords on this explosive 12” for Ninja Tune. Now I’m most definitely not an MC - but if I were; the two I would fear most in battle would most likely be D Double E an...view item »

The Bug

'Freakshow' is an apt title for the opening cut on this double 10" set. When I first heard this tune I wasn't so sure about it, it sounded kinda chaotic and messy but Danny Brown is pretty intense so it took a couple listens to get my head round it. The Bug is in usual savage form dr...view item »

The Bug
Bad / Get Out The Way

New material from The Bug! This double A-side features Kevin Martin working with two of his most notorious MC collaborators: regular voice Flowdan ...view item »

The Bug
Zim Zim Zim

Kevin Martin’s beloved project The Bug has teamed up with one Burro Banton, a fine and flowing Jamaican DJ. Zim Zim Zim has caused mad drama in live sets, but wasn’t on last album Angels & Devils, so this red 12” is the way to go if you want it. And you do...view item »

The Bug vs Earth
Concrete Desert

This is a total dream-come-true collaboration for fans of pulverizingly heavy music: Dylan ‘Extra Low Frequency Version’ Carson’s Earth project and Kevin ‘Skeng’ Martin’s The Bug, producing together. After two...view item »

The Bug

Dub texture dude Kevin Martin returned this year with 'Angels & Devils', comprised of an all-star cast of musicians who helped shape his vision in weird and wonderful ways -- he's been keeping up with the landscape of music since he left and enlisted artists as diverse as Grouper's Liz Harris and Hype Williams' Inga Copeland. This supplement...view item »

The Bug
Hardcore Lover

I’ve spent the last week thinking I’m about to get ill, to the point of annoying everyone around me. Yesterday I spent 30 minutes in the same room as a man sneezing and coughing uncontrollably. But can’t tell anyone about what happened - I will be in grave danger of becoming a parody of myself. I wonder if its the same for for ...view item »

The Bug
Ganja Baby

Haha!! This 7" is well LAWLS. The second in a series of mental collaborations on the new Acid Ragga label, 'Ganja Baby' sees The Bug team up ...view item »

The Spaceape (Ft. Kode9 & The Bug)
Ghost Town / At War With Time

RSD2015, limited gold 7”. As a loving salute to the recently passed away Spaceape Hyperdub have released this 7” featuring two of his heavy hitters. The complete reimagining of Ghost Town with Kode9, changing how you hear that song ever again, and At war with time with The B...view item »

The Bug Vs Earth
Boa / Cold

The Bug clearly felt bad after finishing 'Angels & Devils' that he didn't give his collaboration with Earth the appropriate twenty-minutes-to-five-hours runtime it needed to make sense. This 12", entitled 'Boa / Cold', brings together the sinister bass and the guitar manifestations of drone's most famous band for second innings. ...view item »

The Bug
Fire / Dash A Fire

Listened to 'Pressure' by The Bug the other night as I were right in t' mood for some twisted dancehall mania & you know what? It tore my head off, shit down my neck & made me realise it as one of the most significant electronic records of the last decade. It also relieved me of all the tension & anxiety I had in me & I'...view item »

The Bug
Angels & Devils

Plenty of big-name collaborators on The Bug's latest, 'Angels & Devils'. Billed as a "battle between utopian and dystopian" (but definitely not a "concept album", oh no) you get Liz Harris (Grouper), Warrior Queen, Gonjasufi, Miss Red, Death Grips, Manga (Roll Deep), Copeland and Flowdan for your money. Pulling together "the fringes ...view item »

The Bug

OK be quick on this one cos Brian is obsessed with The Bug. If you don't get one soon he's gonna take all the copies home and decorate his house with him. He is a man obsessed bless....... The new album is in on Rephlex and it's fucked up dancehall ragga. This is top stuff indeed. There's some m...view item »

The Bug
Can't Take This No More / Rise Up

Big man on campus The Bug (aka Kevin Martin / King Midas Sound / Techno Animal / ...view item »

The Bug
Infected EP

I must admit to being slightly under whelmed the first time I heard a promo of this double pack but on further listening it is clear that The Bug virus is a potent strain and infects all who listen. The set's first track 'Catch A Fire' features Hitomi on vocals. Her opening line "Kids killing children outside my doorstep" is chilling and sets th...view item »

The Bug, Soundmurderer, Various

Firstly we got some copies of that Manhunt thing on 12". We had some and sold out super quick like so hre's some more. On Rephlex, dead limited and featuring remixes from The Bug, Soundmurderer, Bogdan and the DMX Krew. A motley line up if I ever saw one and terribly good.....Disturbed fun fo a disturb...view item »

The Bug
Skeng/Skeng (Kode9 mix)

In terms of consistent high quality output, the Hyperdub label and Kevin Martin's The Bug project, rank as some of the finest experiments in Jamaican influenced electronic music in recent years. So it seems a natural progression for the two to be working together. There was of course the EP by Pressure on the label which is an alias of the man hims...view item »

The Bug
Ganja/ Flying

My Cerebral cortex always welcomes a new record from The Bug so it's happy days top have a 180g virgin vinyl 12" reworking of 'Ganja' featuring Killa P and Flowdan. It's no lazy skanking reggae tune to smoke to though. Instead this is a brutal and aggressive dancehall/ grime hybrid. A totally refreshing take on the age old topic of chuggin on ...view item »

The Bug
Run Ft. Flowdan

Here's an amazing surprise, three brand new Bug tracks from Big Kev Martin! London Zoo is one of my favourite LPs from the past few years so it's pleasing that lead track 'Run' keeps up the quality.. It's got eveything you want from a Bug production; dark, paranoid, industrial dancehall with righteous mic work from Flow Dan, one of his regulars....view item »

The Bug ft. Warrior Queen
Dem A Bomb We / Version

The absolute master of low end Dancehall psychodrama, The Bug, returns with the first 7" on his new imprint, the more "demure" Ladybug. With the voluptuous Warrior Queen on vocal duties, 'Dem A Bomb We' is a stunner, more refined & breezy than the vicious Razor X singles but retaining that unmistak...view item »

The Bug ft. Warrior Queen
Aktion Pak

Oh & Rephlex up the ante with the long awaited new 4 track Bug 12" 'Aktion Pak' which features a wee lassie by the name of Warrior Queen. There's a CD too with instrumental versions of old tracks. Brilliant stuff indeed! You all know my obsession with Kevin Martin's dancehall ragga project. He started the ba...view item »

The Bug Vs Rootsman/ DJ Rupture

The Bug vs Rootsman 12"/CD - Tremendous fucked up dancehall for all the family. If you loved that last thing then you're gonna go mental when you hear this. As Tony the Tiger nearly said. "This Is Grrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaatttttt". More The Bug vs the Rootsman on a split 12" with DJ Ruptu...view item »

The Bug
Poison Dart

Bug:'Poison Dart' . I maintain my composure and get the 180gm slab of virgin vinyl onto the platter. Cooooooooorr it's got Warrior Queen on it. These two truly are a match made in danchall heaven. The combination is just devastating. I met her once and she was actually a real sweetie. She doesn't mess about though when it comes to her lyrics and de...view item »

The Bug
London Zoo

Funny. Not only Leila comes back to top my Summer then my fave bassbin basher Kevin Martin muscles in on the Dangerous Brian appeasing act (an act brought in by my beleaguered gaffer who really could do without me stamping round the office shouting obscenities every day!) Yes, welcome to The Bug's London Zoo, the gates have been semtexed...view item »

Kode9, Digital Mystikz, The Bug, Various
Box Of Dub 2- Dubstep And Future Dub

Well Dubstep seems to be showing no signs of abating in popularity with hot dubplates and scorching comps winging their way around the world (it's even reached New Zealand where the likes of DJ Hype, jump up jungle's mid 90s kingpin is still the hottest ticket in town!!) and Soul Jazz, reputable players in archive funk, soul, hip hop, reggae and al...view item »

The Bug
Jah War (ft Flowdan)

THE BUG: "Jah War" ft. FLOWDAN on Ninja Tune, despite slipping in and out of his sub-bad boy patios this MC led bass heavy dancehall destroyer packs a mean punch as you'd expect from The Bug, but it's the Loefah mix that does it for us, with its low slung skank and spacious feel ruling the roost. An...view item »

Soundmurderer, The Bug, Various
Shockout Vol 1

Kid 606/The Bug Ft. Wayne Lonesome
Buckle Up

Runner up SOTW is the long awaited first installment in the Shockout Dancehall series. If Kid 606 twinned with The Bug doesn't make you wet your pants then I'll just have to wet 'em for you. 4 mixes of this most superb ragga splattered madness featuring the crazed rantings of Wayne ...view item »