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Ben Frost
All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated

Ben Frost’s spring cleaning uncovers more material from the wings of last year’s The Centre Cannot Hold sessions with Steve Albini. In this episode of A Touch of Frost, our hero’s angry, manly cinematronica is assisted by remixes from Carsten Nicolai’s dominion of DSP ...view item »

Ben Frost
Threshold Of Faith

Ben Frost is back on Mute with a 7-track EP. Like previous works, expect melodic noise, ambience and general creativity on a complete range of acoustic and electronic instruments. Threshold Of Faith is the EP compilation from music sessions during a trip to Chicago recording with Steve Albini and is available on Vi...view item »

Ben Frost
The Centre Cannot Hold

Behold! Ben Frost’s latest, fifth studio album is here. The Centre Cannot Hold took up 10 days of Chicago studio recording time, and ten days' wages for Steve Albini. Ben and Steve have created a chromatically dense record, glowing at the deep ...view item »

Ben Frost
Super Dark Times (Music From The Motion Picture)

Kevin Phillips’s murderous coming of age film set in the 90s brings Iceland based producer Ben Frost into his element when asked to create the soundtrack for it. Utilising equipment used in the era (Boss Metal Zone pedal for example) Frost creates a looming and menacing score laced with minimalist textures...view item »

Ben Frost
Ionia / Jlin Rework

On the verge of the release of his fifth full length album The Centre Cannot Hold, minimalist/maximalist Ben Frost brings its first offering, Ionia. With the concept of the album being a near freeform fight between creation and its creator, recorded by Steve Albini, it’s looking like thes...view item »

Ben Frost & Daniel Bjarnason

I've only seen the film of Solaris once but, like another Tarkovsky classic 'Stalker', it lingers in your mind long after, a strange, eerie meditative experience. This is the work of two contemporary avant-producers, one in particular clutching onto an ascending star at the moment. After the chilling, foreboding  growl-fest of...view item »

Ben Frost
Music From Fortitude

Ben Frost is a man. Fortitude is a TV programme. Ben Frost wrote the music to said programme. I'm writing this become I'm the only person here who has seen the show and coincidentally I'm a fan of Ben Frost. In case you've not seen said programme it's a who(orwhatinthiscase)dunnit set in Svalbard in sunny Arctic Norway. It's bleak, extremely col...view item »

Ben Frost
The Wasp Factory

The Wasp Factory is an operatic interpretation of an Iain Banks novel. Ben Frost is a composer. Let’s commission this composer to score this opera. This composer of dark walls of noise to make what is effectively a musical. What the fuck is going on? Is this that one which he recorded some actual warfare for? Cuz that was weird. An...view item »

Ben Frost

Ben Frost’s ‘A U R O R A’ caused enough of a stir to land it on many an end of year ‘best of’ list. This companion remix EP enlists the talents of a fairly eclectic bunch of producers to do their thing, with quite varied results that offer something for everyone. First up is Ev...view item »

Ben Frost

No wolves on this. 'By The Throat' scared the bejesus out of myself and many others but I totally, utterly loved it. This long awaited follow-up proper (after his relatively sedate but arresting 'Solaris' collaboration with Daniel Bjarnason) is another sonically brutal and head-cleansing expedition into the...view item »

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