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The Beatles Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

The Beatles
Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul by The Beatles, released in 1965,  was the follow-up to Help! And, therefore, the second album of theirs to consist entirely of original material. By this time, the band had given up touring and were able to focus all of their energies on recording in the studio. The results are b...view item »

The Beatles
Abbey Road

Abbey Road was the penultimate album by The Beatles. It’s predecessor, Let It Be, was all but finished before the recording of Abbey Road began, however, Abbey Road was released first. The album is notable for George Harrison’s songwriting coming to the fore, seven son...view item »

The Beatles

Revolver by The Beatles is regarded by many as their best album. It’s the second album they made after giving up playing live and the use of studio trickery really began to enhance their concise pop. Originally released in 1966, it’s fair to say that this changed the shape of everything that came after...view item »

Paul and Linda McCartney

They’re really paying me to do this. To just write a bunch of nonsense words, nary a review, about Paul and Linda McCartney’s ‘Ram’. The truth is that this is the best Beatles album and I’m canonising that as a Norman Records opinion -- it’s an endlessly listenable smirk in the face of the band’s tiresom...view item »

Paul McCartney
McCartney II

The silliest album ever made. Ten years separate McCartney I and II but it might as well be a lifetime. Where McCartney I was a continuation of the lo-ish fi homespun acoustic he was making around the time of 'Abbey Road' by the time 1980 rolled around McCartney had been through his Wings period, going back to live pe...view item »

Paul McCartney

Universal have a full brace of Paul McCartney reissues to show off, giving the listening public an opportunity to examine the Beatle’s solo work once more. McCartney was his very first, released in 1970 and recorded in secret while his main band was still just about active. Paul p...view item »

Paul McCartney and Wings
Band On The Run

Universal present a full brace of new Paul McCartney‘s post-Beatles material in reissue form. Band On The Run is perhaps the best known of Paul’s records with Wings, featuring the big hit title track among other 70’s easy-rock bangers. CD and LP reissu...view item »

The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

Okay, okay it's not their best work, but that still means it's a masterpiece when it's by The Beatles. The main thing that brings this album down is the musical score of the animated movie... which comprises all of side 2. Focusing primarily on side 1 there are some brilliant tracks on 'Yellow Submarine'. First off you have the eponymous track w...view item »

The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Anniversary Edition

With everything under the sun getting re-issued it now seems to be the turn of this curio from 1967 to get the re-issue treatment. It comes here re-mastered with billions of alternative mixes and out-takes.  First up, the bass player is fucking outrageous. Throughout the album the bass seems to be making up its own tunes which sit i...view item »

John Lennon / Yoko Ono
Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions

As the second part of John and Yoko’s Unfinished Music series, Life With The Lions is one of the least popular albums John Lennon was ever involved with. Partner Yoko Ono took a Fluxus-style approach, and the album consists of howling, feedback, readings ...view item »

John Lennon / Yoko Ono
Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins

Two Virgins is generally known as one of the least popular albums John Lennon was ever involved with: yay! Yoko Ono’s avant-art practices are clearly the heaviest influence here on this abstract suite of musique concrete, bird-song, conversation and other less-than-traditionally-musical sounds. Ex...view item »

The Beatles
The Beatles

Almost 50 years on and we’re still having pub debates as to what should have been on The White Album, or left off. Even if you find Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da grating, or Piggies overly cynical, would you really want it any other way? I’ll always argue that Revolution 9 is a roaring success that granted rock musicians the licence to get thei...view item »

The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night

Probably as I because I wasn't born at the time that The Beatles were making records, I tend prefer the albums from Rubber Soul onwards. "A Hard Days Night" does have flashes of their brilliance though and at least half of this album is brilliant. "If I Fell", "And I Love Her", "Anytime At All" and "Things We Said Today" are all great. The tracks I...view item »

The Beatles
Past Masters

If you wanted to introduce anyone to The Beatles this would be the best place to start. Past Masters obliterates the need for any Beatles compilation albums. Chronicling the bands entire singles and B-sides releases from “Love Me Do” to “Let it Be”, Past Master’s has an extensive track ...view item »