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Terry Riley
Persian Surgery Dervishes

Available on vinyl for the first time since the 1970s, this is a double LP of live performances by the legendary ambient composer Terry Riley. Originally released in 1972 it captures performances in Los Angeles and Paris of completely different versions of the same composition showcasing the importance of improvisatio...view item »

John Cale & Terry Riley
Church Of Anthrax

This unique collaboration was originally released in 1971 and saw Cale (fresh from his ground-breaking work as a member of the Velvet Underground and now finding his feet as a solo artist) and Riley (noted for his highly influential works “In C” and “A Rainbow in Curved Air”) create a work of atmosphere and uniqueness. Al...view item »

Terry Riley
In C

This is one of the works and recordings that put minimalism on the map. Riley's In C has been called the The Rite of Spring of our time. This first recording led the way to the many other versions that appeared but this is the first and the best. Since this landmark recording, there have been other noteworthy versions. I heard an interesting one...view item »

Steve Reich / Terry Riley
Six Pianos / Keyboard Study #1

Six Pianos is a Steve Reich piece for, uh, six pianos, originally composed in the 70’s. Presented here is a brand new 2016 version produced by overlaying six pianist’s separate recordings, with personnel including Hauschka and two members of Brandt Brauer Frick. Supporting t...view item »

Terry Riley / Don Cherry / Karl Berger
Live In Koln February 23, 1975

A thrilling collaboration between major experimental maestros from slightly different sound worlds. Don Cherry, in the middle of a very free-ranging phase, plays his majestic trumpet over the shimmering organ tones of Terry Riley, while Karl Berger adds vibraphone. Heady stuff. Reissue of a rare...view item »

Terry Riley and Roberto Cacciapaglia
In C

Terry Riley originally composed the urgent and enthralling "In C" -- characterised by minimal layers of percussion, oboe, flute, trombones and whatever -- back in 1964. Riley intended for the piece to be played for over thirty people, offering a boisterous and intense sound from very incremental, almost non-existent me...view item »

Terry Riley
Chanting The Light Foresight

I like almost anything by Terry Riley, but some releases are better than others. This music is performed by the Rova Saxophone Quartet. This group has also recorded on the infamous ECM label. The saxophone lines from each player intertwine to create a textural saxophone tapestry. The lines are not as repetitive as on previous Riley works and mor...view item »

Terry Riley
A Rainbow In Curved Air

Available on vinyl and CD from Esoteric Recordings. Terry Riley is the master of tape. Turning 8 second loops into musical instrumentation you can see how he is an inspiration for composers such as Phillip Glass  and William Basinski, you can also hear from this record The Who...view item »

Terry Riley
Lisbon Concert

This is a live piano concert recording. Terry Riley performs alone on piano on this recording from 1995. This is the closest I have heard him come to jazz and he pulls all kinds of patterns out on this release. Apparently, jazz was a primary interest to Terry before he met La Monte Young and became a minimalist composer. So this might be a good ...view item »

Terry Riley
The Last Camel In Paris

The somewhat awkward title Last Camel in Paris refers to the Terry Riley masterwork "Shri Camel" here played live (or an interpretation of it, among the minimalists Terry Riley always relied on improvisation and had some grounding in jazz) in 1978. As usual, Terry Riley plays a modified electric organ which is in just intonation and the concert ...view item »

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