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Tender Trap
Ten Songs About Girls

Just checked this out, figured I'd give it a review. Anyway, insanely great, highly recommended 'comeback' LP from nineties supergroup Tender Trap. Is it just for the aging memorialists, like a museum-piece? Is it weird for her to sing silly, 'girly' things? Spin it and see. While Amelia Fletcher is now firmly entrenched in the slumberland family ...view item »

Tender Trap
Do You Want A Boyfriend? / The Sum And The Difference

Oh Amelia, Amelia. Once I had a dream I had stealed ya. From right under the nose of all the other slavering indie kids who wore hairslides with flowers affixed, bearing your face in the centre and had your name carved into their arms with plastic yogurt spoons. I wished you could have sat in my room singing 'Talulah Gosh' & 'Shallow' from D...view item »

Tender Trap
Film Molecules

Tender Trap- Ex Heavenly lady Amelia Fletcher (the indie equivalent to Madonna) returns with new band after giving up on Marine Research. Only heard a bit but it's not as twee as I thought it would be. Tis a bit psychedlic in places, a bit rocking in others. Smart honest ind...view item »

Tender Trap
6 Billion People

Tender Trap's new CD is called '6 Billion People'. I don't think 6 million folk are gonna want this Cooing, chugging & quaint take on trad jangle but I'm sure a whole bunch of knock kneed lads 'n' lasses will be digging the latest selection of tunes from Miss Amelia Fletcher & co. Her distinctive honeyed vocals sit atop th...view item »

Tender Trap
Language Lessons EP

Ok you lot. Confession time. How many of you sad 30-40 something indie kids out there (I'm one of you....) fantasized about doing things with Amelia Fletcher at some point or another in their lives. This includes eating cucumber sandwiches, going to village fetes & holding hands whilst blushing. No need to lower ...view item »