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Team Doyobi
Digital Music Volume One

Well there was a time when both electronic musicians and people like Phil, who hated the bland monotony of most 4/4 dance music, used to produce (or stock) lots of, quite frankly, unlistenable electronica from across the globe in order to supposedly stamp out “rave mediocrity”...view item »

Team Doyobi
Digital Music Volume 2

Team Doyobi are an electronic duo (they are always duo’s aren’t they?) originally from that hotbed of electronic composition the Lincolnshire Wolds, then resident in Leeds for many years but now I think one of them (or both?) lives in Japan or somewhere. They have been doing their squelshy 8 bit electro thing for a long time and I th...view item »

Team Doyobi
Orch V

I've seen or heard anything from Team Doyobi since about 1998 yet they've been knocking out a steady line in 16 bit style electronics on various labels for years now. I've somehow let all this good shit pass me and now i realise the error of my ways as 'Orch V' is totally mint. I'm assuming they are still manipulating 16 bit technologies (?), it ce...view item »

Team Doyobi

More electronic insanity from Team Doyobi. Just got their new LP on SKAM here and it's very cut up electronica. Lots of sounds put together incoherently with not a massive amount of tune or melody. But for what it is, it is very good. Lots of computer game sounds and wierd noises meshed together...view item »

Team Doyobi

The words easy listening and Team Doyobi rarely appear in the same sentence. But in these days of car ad electronica its nice to hear something edgy and angular. I think the black side of this thing (no A or B I'm afraid) is one of the best things they've done. It's odd but fun, it has a million glitches but it st...view item »

Team Doyobi
The Kphanapic Fragments

Since TEAM DOYOBI dropped the 'Wheels Of Anterion' teaser 7" what seems like ages ago I've been waiting with anticipation for the album release which has constantly been delayed. Well it's finally here and is completely worth the wait. I tend to find a lot of recent electronic music is just too clever for the sake of it. Not the case however w...view item »

Team Doyobi
Wheels Of Anterion

I've been waiting in anticipation for something new to drop from Team Doyobi after the smashing 'Choose Your Own Adventure' LP and the time is now. The new 7" has landed and the sleeve art is fantastic. An Illustration of the two sonic explorers on some other planet transmitting their futuristic tones to the universe. Both 'Wheels O...view item »

Team Doyobi

New thing from Team Doyobi on Skam. Sometimes spiffing, sometimes not. Sometimes they sound like they are sitting at the computer, eyes wedged open with matchsticks, wondering what to do next but this, at its best is a wobbly, way off-kilter slice of electronic funk mania.    ...view item »

Team Doyobi
Choose Your Own Adventure

And the last 'un from tired ole me is the new Team Doyobi album on SKAM. They're never easy listening. It's more accessible than previous things I've heard by 'em. Full of bloops and bleeps and crazy analogue scratchy sounds. Speeding up, slowing down...... just had my fish and chips.... bit queasy now....C...view item »