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Belbury Poly Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

Belbury Poly & Moon Wiring Club
Other Voices 09

Two of Ghostbox's best and brightest collaborate on the latest in this ongoing series of limited 7"s. Moon Wiring Club is graphic designer Ian Hodgson who specialises in creepy soundtracks, Belbury Poly is Ghostbox founder the magnificently named Jim Jupp who is interested in 70's library recordings and TV sound...view item »

Belbury Poly and Spacedog
The Study Series 10: Message and Method

Phil just told me this is the last of the Ghost Box ‘Study Series’ 7”s. What will they do now? They’ll be at a loose end. “They’ll just have to bring some other records out I guess,” proffers Phil, “maybe start another series.” Then again he did say that this single was by ...view item »

Belbury Poly
The Belbury Tales

Ah, Belbury Poly. Not a bad band by any means, but they just can't get the edge over rivals Belbury Uni for some reason...I blame the more stringent application procedures. Undaunted, the Poly have come up with another platter of library sounds rearranged to make new brand new musics, 13...view item »

The Belbury Circle
Outward Journeys

The past was really comfortable wasn't it? Tomorrow's World on a Thursday night followed by Top of the Pops. Ted Rogers and 3-2-1 on a Saturday night.  Maybe this is why we are all looking back to these safe squishy times rather than address what is happening right now? I tell you another thing that is comfortable - synths. They are bi...view item »