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East Harlem/ Goshen

Everyone likes Beirut don't they? You all like a bit of Beirut. There, that's you told. Here comes Zach once again, ukelele at the ready, horns parping like a Salvation Army band in the background while drums thump away and a general good time is had by all. This is a ridiculously limited 7" on Zach's own label (they are all at it!). Both so...view item »

No No No

Here we have No No No, the first Beirut album since 2011’s The Rip Tide. Here, Zach Condon and friends take a more direct, in-the-studio approach to their sound, somewhat more stripped down in instrumentation than past Beirut work, but still keeping it international, of c...view item »

The Rip Tide

Have you heard of this guy Beirut? He's some hot new young talent bursting onto the scene apparently. He plays lushly orchestrated pop in the style of the likes of The Divine Comedy or maybe a more accessible take on Sufjan Stevens's early work. There's loads of brass on this, his de...view item »

The Flying Club Cup

Beirut Beirut Beirut eh. Where on earth do you start. I guess this is one of the years 'important' releases after the last album blew everyones collective socks off and ended up in loads of end of years polls. Possibly the biggest acolation awarded to the album was in fact the Norman Records album of the year which wasn't something given lightly. O...view item »

Gulag Orkestar

Lordy it's good! Imagine Black Ox Orkestar crossed with Radiohead with a dash of Leonard Cohen and some Eastern European Carnival music. It's fantastic. I can't get the words across about how great all of us think this is. There's not many occasions when we all love something but this is one of those rare things I've j...view item »

March of The Zapotec

Now that Zach Condon has been treading the boards for a while now, each new release is possibly viewed with increasing weariness as his schtick is under fire from heartless critics questioning his soul amidst dubious claims of cultural tourism. Hey, you all loved the first record, right? Didn't bother you THEN? I'm sorry but this is the music th...view item »

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