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Deaf Center
Low Distance

Eight years after Owl Splinters the Norwegian two-piece made up of Miasmah records head Erik K. Skodvin (Svarte Greiner) and Otto A. Totland (Nest) return for their third full length album. Comparatively stripped back they once again show their skills at weaving mysterious and captivating electronics and ambient soundscapes which can both enthral and unnerve.

Deaf Center / Svarte Greiner
Owl Splinters / Twin

An hour and a half of unravelling electro-acoustic Norse folk doom, gorgeous pitter-pattering piano and lots and lots of spooooky cello drones? That’ll be 2011’s Owl Splinters by Deaf Center (Erik Skodvin and Otto A. Totland), along with its companion piece Twin by Skodvin’s Svarte Greiner pseudonym. Here it is reissued in full with new cover photographs by Joshua Zucker-Pluda.

Erik K Skodvin & Rauelsson
A Score for Darling

A Score For Darling is the (rather self-aware in terms of title) soundtrack to Birgitte Staermose’s film Darling, an emotionally potent tale of a dancer’s life. Erik K Skodvin and Rauelsson, both presenting their first ever soundtrack work here, have done an impressive job, drawing on the additional talents of Christophe Berg and Anne Muller to expand their instrumentation. Vinyl release on Sonic Pieces.
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Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin
Instead of Rain I Bring a Hat

Volcano the Bear founding member Aaron Moore and Miasmah man Erik K. “Svarte Greiner” Skodvin won’t go down well at the rain party tonight, but at least they’ll be dry. Six years in the making, this long-distance collaboration boasts all the aching, immersive cinematic modern composition soundscapery (courtesy of piano, cello, harp and much more) you’d expect from such a meeting of the minds. Great cover art as well.

Svarte Greiner

Miasmah label boss Erik Skodvin brings a reissue of his debut full length as Svarte Greiner. Knife was released on Type in 2006, and fully introduced his dark ambient world. For fans of Deaf Center, Jacaszek, Rafael Anton Irisarri et al.. Abstracted and experimental modern classical pieces which scratch away at a dull surface.
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  • Svarte Greiner

Svarte Greiner

Miasmah label boss Erik Skodvin returns under his Svarte Greiner moniker with Apart. Extending from his drone and ambient pieces, this mini-album is made up of improvised cello performances recorded clean in a disused industrial building, the soundscape like reverberations are all naturally occurring. Atmospheric as it gets. Highly limited release.
  • Artist(s):
  • Svarte Greiner

Svarte Greiner
Moss Garden

Returning with a new two-side long album and under the moniker of Svarte Greiner, is Norway’s Erik K. Skodvin. “Moss Garden”, Skodvin’s latest release of vivid arrangements, is a well-rounded and personalised soundscape, made up in equal parts of unique musicality and crafted artistry. The two tracks on “Moss Garden” are really worth immersing yourself in.

Svarte Greiner / Lakes Of Grass And Gold
Landscape Of Open Eyes

Landscape Of Open Eyes is a real curio of a RSD release for 2013 -- glorious snippets of dark, filmic worlds on a 7” single.  Svarte Greiner of the excellent Deaf Center is here with some familiar cello/guitar treatments. Lakes of Grass and Gold is Swede musician/composer Erik Enocksson melding organic instrumentation with lashings of distorto-noise. Comes with a download code.

Svarte Greiner + Anduin
Black River (Live)

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  • Svarte Greiner

Svarte Greiner / Le Corbeau

Svarte Greiner/ Keswicklemon

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  • Svarte Greiner
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  • Ono