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Susumu Yokota
Acid Mt.Fuji

Originally released on Sublime Records (Marc Romboy, Captain Funk) in 1994, Susumu Yokota’s Acid Mt.Fuji is reissued as a double-vinyl by Midgar. This is nicely-calibrated electronica that veers from squeaky Rephlex-aping techno (...view item »

Susumu Yokota

I've been hearing this guy's name every now and again for years and years but, to my knowledge, I think this is the first time that I've ever actually listened to him. Well I'm trying to listen but the op art displayed inside the packaging is diverting my attention towards its disorientating ways. I guess coming to his music as a newcomer ...view item »

Lo Compilation: Mix By Susumu Yokota

Here I have a double mix album by SUSUMU YOKOTA which is a very cool name. He's remixing  loads of people including THE CHAP, CURSOR MINOR, ROTHKO, JEAN JACQUES PERREY, RED SNAPPER, FOURTET, on this 53 track pack. Its got a black and red theme going on and disc 2 is pretty dancy and electronic  (get off your rocking ch...view item »

Rothko & Susumu Yokota
Distant Sounds Of Summer

Its collaboration week  - here's a new CD by Susumu Yokota and Rothko who seem to bring out each others strengths as this is the strongest work I've heard from either of them. the initial comparison that could be made is Seefeel. There's some nice carefully chopped up female vocals on the first track and track 2 sees d...view item »

Susumu Yokota

Susumu Yokota sadly passed away last year, reminding many of the power of his 2000 album Sakura, perhaps the finest example of his drifting melodic electronica. Firmly out of print for many years, The Leaf Label now reissue it on double vinyl in an edition of 600 copies, each packaged with a CD of the album....view item »

Susumu Yokota
Love Or Die

Susumu Yokota: Love Or Die (Lo Recordings) New twelve track opus with titles that sound like they've been translated literally from their Japanese origins, if they belonged to an British artist no doubt they'd be screams of pretentious. The music is nothing of the sort however, track two: A Slowly Fainting Memory Of Love Respect, and Hatred is a ha...view item »

Susumu Yokota
Wonder Waltz

Susumu Yokota is back with another jobbie, this time 'Wonder Waltz'. I think as a producer he has a certain freshness but not great deal of depth. The vocal track on the first tune works nicely, a sweet lilting female vocal over some shuffling slo mo break with piano & occasional sy...view item »

Susumu Yokota

Susumu Yokota is someone who I've always felt I should like but I've always struggled to get into his music. His new album 'Symbol' is by far the most accessible thing he's released so far. It's pretty much just some mild electronics with lots of samples and pieces of classical music interspersed throughout. It's quite immediate as the 1...view item »

Susumu Yokota

Ooooh! This is MUCH nicer. It's a little silver record by one of those clever oriental gentleman called Susumu Yokota. Even his name's nice! Ahh! I've always liked classical music & this is soothing like that. Much better than all that crack rave noise that the youngsters listen to these days. I can imagine e...view item »

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