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Force + Form Remakes

Late 90’s hard techno business from master of this-sort-of-thing Surgeon. Force + Form Remakes accompanies the reissue of the album, with Surgeon himself providing two brand new spins on the material, as well as a ...view item »

Luminosity Device

Accomplished techno man Surgeon aka Anthony Child returns with Luminosity Device, a title that sounds like a verbose homage to lightbulbs until you learn it really refers to the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Might be a bit more spiritual, then. These are intense modular techno tunes with excellent sequencin...view item »

British Murder Boys
Don't Give Way To Fear

British Murder Boys are Anthony Child and Karl O'Connor who you probably know better as noisy techno blokes Surgeon and Regis. This is repress their 2003 12" Don't Give Way To Fear. Look lads, if you're gonna r...view item »

British Murder Boys
Learn Your Lesson

British Murder Boys are, of course, the experimental techno duo of techno experimentalists Regis and Surgeon. Formed in the early 2000s, reformed a few years ago, and apparently recently dissolved again, this 12” on Counterbalance is in fact an archive release from 2003. If you are familia...view item »

Where Pail Limbs Lie

This is only the second release on Mute’s Liberation Technologies label and follows a promising start for the label which kicked off with Laurel Halo as King Felix. It came as quite a surprise to find out that Karl O’Connor (...view item »

Unreleased Tracks 1995-1996 (2014 Remaster)

Rounding off the six-volume series of Surgeon reissues that SRX have been rolling out over the course of the last few months, here is Unreleased Tracks 1995-1996. You know the drill with King Surgeon: these are firm and nasty techno bangers, all freshly remastered from the original tapes and re-cut for ...view item »

The Transcendence Orchestra
Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals

Through a vast array of instruments and processes, in a setting designed to evoke transcendental energies, Anthony Child and Daniel Bean have conjured up a remarkable torch bearer of deep listening. It's a slowly shifting, drone wash of texture and growth that will definitely appeal to fans of Eno, Laraa...view item »

Communications (2014 Remaster)

Raw early material from Brutalist Techno practitioner Surgeon. Communications was first released in 1996, and carries the full weight of the much loved Surgeon sound. Remastered and re-cut so as to sound even better than the original release, Communications is both a important historical lesson...view item »

Dynamic Tension (2014 Remaster)

More reissue goodness from the ancient halls of techno history here at Norman Records: Surgeon is doing a series of remasters. This is Dynamic Tension, remastered in 2014. On it you’ll find many of the key ideas from when Surgeon was still doing his 1995 research on beat anatomy. These are some of the original ban...view item »

Rare Tracks 95-96 (2014 Remaster)

Surgeon has been doing this shit for years, and lest you forget that fact, he is in the middle of a six-part reissue campaign on SRX. Rare Tracks 95-96 gives you four slices of classic power-techno, originally only on compilations or super-rare white labels. All remastered, all high-grade Surgeon dancin...view item »

Pet 2000 (2014 Remaster)

Here's the next remaster in a series of them for Surgeon, following on from the reissue of his self-titled EP. This one is called 'Pet 2000', and it's coming on two decades since it was initially recorded, a slice of techno that's endeavoured through the ages and has the usual side note of Surgeon whimsy -- it was named after a pet shop in Notti...view item »

Convenience Trap

Surgeon’s burrowing into the depths of composed-on-the-fly live hardware techno has been going further and further recently. The four tracks you’ll find here on Convenience Trap have grown out of these explorations, so they are extra direct in their power-rhythm attacks on the listener. Fierce and firm ...view item »

GNOD & Anthony Child
Behind The Lids

Anthony Child AKA Surgeon was a fan of Manchester’s Gnod for a long time, finally got in touch and began a small collaboration. Noisy, droning pieces that show Gnod’s krautrock influences and mixed with Surgeon’s modular dirt shift it from a me...view item »

Whose Bad Hands Are These part 2

We finally managed to get hold of the hugely hyped Surgeon 'Whose Bad Hands Are These' 12"s on his Dynamic Tension. Surgeon began his career sounding a lot like Jeff Mills but eventually found his own sound. A highly percussive almost industrial approch on techno that retains the funk. His tracks on both these 12"s are nothing particularl...view item »

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

Following up Vol. 1 from 2015, Anthony Child, better known as Surgeon lets all the masks and hard edges drop to the floor for the material released under his own name. Taking single long take field samples recorded in the jungle as backing tracks to his much more ambient hardware improvisations. Come, get yourse...view item »

Force + Form

This disc surely shows Surgeon's most accessible side. Rather than the twisted ambient tracks and disassociating metallic loops found on basictonalvocabulary and Balance, which, don't get me wrong, are Mr. Child's great strong suit, he attacks here with a deeper style. Hidden beneath his powerful shuffling drum loops are spooky vocal abstraction...view item »

Bland Ambition

Developing his hardware improvisation over the last two decades Surgeon has decided to grace us with some of the fruits of his many labours. Taking some of those themes or ideas that he has perfected and utilised in live settings and laying them out into these four tracks. Have you just got into modular stuff… got some ca...view item »


‘Basictonal-Remake’ is a remake of tracks taken from one of the greatest albums from the impressive and extensive back catalogue of German electro institution, Tresor Records. Originally released in the late nineties as part of a trilogy of Surgeon albums (‘Basictonalvocabulary’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Force + F...view item »

Search Deep Inside Yourself

Techno don Surgeon helps the Blueprint label to celebrate their 20th anniversary with this four track vinyl 12”. On Search Deep Inside Yourself the minimal techno sound this artist has helped define since the 90s is as tense, sharp and relentless as ever. This is deceptively simple, and al...view item »

From Farthest Known Objects

A brand-new, full-length album from Anthony Child, aka Surgeon. This time, the conceit is that Child’s vintage equipment ended up spitting out such strange-sounding results that they could only conceivably emit from another galaxy: hence From Farthest Known Objects. These tracks a...view item »

Balance Remakes

Quality Surgeon gear here from 1998, back in print on Tresor with alternate versions of tracks from his excellent ‘Balance’ album from the same year. ‘Box Version II’ dispenses with the more jacking elements of the original, foregrounding infectious polyrh...view item »

Tresor 97-99

Tresor 97-99 gathers up three old Surgeon releases that appeared on the Tresor label in the 90’s: Basictonalvocabulary, Balance, Form + Focus. Totally classic Surgeon sound, strict techno on 3 CDs, packaged in a beautiful box. The best part is that this box-set comes wit...view item »

Fixed Action Pattern

This is the first record for Token by the techno artist and DJ known as Surgeon (and known in the flesh-realm as Anthony Child). The 'Fixed Action Pattern' 12" features a straight-up slice of industrial-orientated techno and broken beat, with a flip side that reverse engineers the track to sound all dub....view item »

Surgeon EP (2014 Remaster)

Part 1 of the 6-EP SRX Surgeon reissues series revisits the sounds of Birmingham techno as of 20 years ago. A highly influential artist in the genre, Surgeon feels that the masters of his earliest tracks were "cut by people who had no understanding of electronic music", refusing them the clarity and dynamics that these pioneering cuts deser...view item »

Hello Oslo

For when Surgeon's mean studio cuts aren't enough, there's always Hello Oslo, taken straight from Club Fabrikken in the eponymous capital city, where he threw down fresh versions of four classic tracks, including "October Request" and "Screw the Roses". Surgeon continues to freeze your spine, up  and...view item »

Compliance Momentum

2010 release on Dynamic Tension from Birmingham’s Surgeon, aka Anthony Child. If you are on this page, you know full well how this is going to be: big, relentless techno that does not pity your weak human body. "Compliance Momentum" is a particularly tough character. Best heard on a heavy heavy soundsystem, needless to say...view item »

Fabric 53

It's hard to believe that this is only Surgeon's second ever mix CD. He used to put out a fair amount of records back in the late 90's but really not much at all these days. This is a welcome selection mixing up 30 tracks, presumably in Ableton. It's a heady mix of techno and UK bass music expertly blended. Surgeon really knows how to construct ...view item »