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Crème De Hassan
Technique & Rite

Creme De Hassan is what happened when Ghazi Barakat of Pharoah Chromium met Paul LaBrecque of Sunburned Hand of the Man for a gnarly sonic showdown. Technique & Rite is the project’s first full length album, and it’s a hell of a thing, m...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
Mind Of A Brother

First ever release by wild-riding collective Sunburned Hand Of The Man, put together back in the late 90’s. For once, the music journalist’s cliche of ‘on-acid’ is appropriate, as the group’s strange improvised sputterings heard here were mostly made under the influence. Mind Of A Brother i...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man

A few years back Kieren Hebden disentangled a selection of Sunburned Hand of the Man's trademark jams into more palatable, rhythmical form and the result was Fire Escape (recently reissued on vinyl with eye ruining artwork from Yamantaka Eye). The result obviously pleased both parties because they're back with round 2, featuring artwork (and a ment...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
A Grand Tour of Tunisia & The London Zero CD!

Now for an ultra deluxe looking Sunburned Hand Of The Man heavyweight gatefold double long player on weapons grade heavy wax with spiffing collage artwork and bonus 'London Zero' CD. So there is like two and a half hours of material. All hand numbered of 878 copies on 3 Lobed. Not sold yet??? Okay this was recorded in late 2007 (a period when Ron f...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
The One You Forgot To Forget

Sunburned Hand have long been a favourite of mine since I caught an early show of theirs at the Brudenell Social Club years back, and on this tape here they're releasing some recordings from UK dates all the way back in 2006. You might well be familiar with their MO by now - they're a l...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
Sensitivity, Without Permission

Yet another CD release from the mega-productive Sunburned Hand of the Man collective. You've probably already got a pretty good idea what to expect here. These songs were improvised in various places in Europe and range from freeform twanging and plonking to more groove-based explorations. Some tracks, most notably 'London Alpha (A Node)', e...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man
Fire Escape

IN ON WAX YEARS LATER!!!!! Sunburned Hand Of The Man's long awaited 'Fire Escape' has just been chucked my way. The buzz around this is that its been produced by Fourtet. He's polished their sound considerably. It's like a big improv-electro-jazz fest on special mushrooms....view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man

Sunburned Hand of The Man are back with a new album this time called complexion. The album kicks off with the great track "The Fuck Face". This track really shows how far they have come since they're early albums. This album continues with there psychedelic sound and includes features of jazz as well. This album was also recorded live and you ca...view item »