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Sudden Infant Vinyl, CD & tapes by Sudden Infant at Norman Records

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Sleaford Mods / Sudden Infant
You're Brave / Fat Nipple Uptight

Hey look: it's a Sleaford Mods thing. We're all pretty excited to drop the beat and then get our Swear Circle going, which is kinda like a drum circle except without snares and with a lot of variations on the word "fucker". This particular 7" sees "You're Brave" paired with a tune by Joke Lanz's project Sudden Infant, who offers up "Fat Nipple Uptight" on the B-side. Pretty graphic, dude.
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Sudden Infant
Buddhist Nihilism

How could I not reference the press release here? "SUDDEN INFANT is a Swiss Industrial-Dada-Noise-Rock band based in Berlin". How bad-ass does that make this band sound? Buddhist Nihilism is the latest release from SUDDEN INFANT and contains 12 explosive tracks that, like the records before this (see Radiorgasm and Wolfi's Nightmare in particular) combine over 25 years worth of industrial music experience. Available on vinyl LP and CD, and released on Harbinger Sound. 

Joke Lanz
Plays Sudden Infant

Joke Lanz Plays Sudden Infant: in which long-term noise provocateur Joke Lanz picks up a stack of his own old records under his Sudden Infant alias and cuts and splices and juxtaposes the sounds with wild abandon. Somewhere between a noise DJ set and a brand new electro-acoustic jumble-up. Fun times! Limited to 300 LP copies on iDEAL Recordings.

Sudden Infant
Wolfli's Nightmare

Sudden Infant is Joke Lanz, maker of noise and exclusively aggressive conceptual art that connects his warped, heavily political poetry to sparse and ferocious compositions involving marching percussion, unfiltered feedback and skewed tape sounds. Sometimes his new record 'Wolfi's Nightmare' revolves around little more than his voice: the second track, "Hold Me", is a classic tongue-scraping tune involving one lyric and Lanz intoning it through squealing, laughing and scowling. Most tracks manifest with more lyrical weight, though, recalling Michael Gira's hypnotic but knowing songwriting with repeatedly chanted lines like "Ten children die every minute of diarrhoea!". On record, Lanz is helped by Roli Mosimann of Swans and New Order fame, to get that despondent post-punk vibe going. 'Wolfi's Nightmare' is brutal, thought-provoking and unsettling.
  • Artist(s):
  • Sudden Infant
  • Artist(s):
  • Sudden Infant