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Avant-pop weirdos Stereolab influenced pretty much everyone who's ever made a band since. An exaggeration, maybe, but without them we wouldn't have a Deerhunter, nor an Animal Collective -- would we have any pranksters at all? A bananas initiative more »

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Switched On Volumes 1-3

Stereolab fans this is your CD treasure trove. You get the singles and rarities compilations Switched On, Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2], and Aluminum Tunes [Switched On Volume 3] all compiled onto a 4CD anthology on reverse board clam shell box with disks in individual card wallets and insert. An absolute mountain of ...view item »

Refried Ectoplasm (Switched On Vol. 2)

2LP clear vinyl re-press of this compilation of early singles and rarities from the now pretty legendary kraut poppers. The compilation charts the bands growth in their early years and contains some of their classic recordings such 'French Disko' 'John Cage Bubblegum' and 'La Boob Oscillator'. Ha! I said 'boob'. ...view item »

Aluminum Tunes

This is the third in the series of three Stereolab singles compilations that have now been re-issued on clear vinyl LPs. It covers the years 1995-1998 and rounds up all the EPs and split singles and compilations the band produced. They were very prolific indeed and also ahead of the time. Everyone does kraut-pop now but Stereola...view item »

Cavern Of Anti-Matter
Hormone Lemonade

Tim Gane's Cavern Of Anti-Matter return with their third studio album continuing their journey into the bowels of kraut rock by way of modular synths and homemade drum machines. Hormone Lemonade still has the loose improvised feel that will be familiar to those in awe of their previous offerings. ...view item »

Modern Cosmology
Summer Long

Astonishingly this collaboration between Stereolab chanteuse Letitia Sadier and Brazilian band Mombojo has almost exactly the same name as the title of the recent Jane Weaver album. I mean, it’s unbelievable isn’t it? How does that happen?  Anyway thi...view item »

Cavern of Anti-Matter
I'm The Unknown

Cavern of Anti-Matter is the project of Stereolab’s Tim Gane, working with another ‘lab veteran and synth man Holger Zapf. The mere involvement of Stereolab alumni is pretty much a clincher already, but knowing that I’m The...view item »

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
Find Me Finding You

New sounds from a new outfit of Laetitia Sadier, the queen of Stereolab. This debut album of the Source Ensemble features some familiar collaborators, as well as guest spots from the likes of Rob Mazurek and Alexis Taylor. The smoothly groovy flavour of all ...view item »


Grooving like '70s krautrock meets the Velvet Underground in a café in Paris, this debut album by Stereolab is one of their best. Droning and lo-fi, yet beautifully and joyfully dreamy. It's a must have for the casual and/or dedicated fan, and wouldn't be a bad album to start with if you're new to Stereolab. The funny thing is that this w...view item »

Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements

Back in the early 1990s, when grunge and britpop dominated rock music, Stereolab were doing something very different indeed. Combining motorik drone-rock a la Neu and avant-garde radicalism with elements of slick space-age exotica and retro Euro-pop, this their sprawling 1993 opus reissued here on double vinyl, sounds just as fresh today....view item »

Serene Velocity

The music of Stereolab is hard to describe, and it definitely changed over time, but it includes elements of electronica, dream pop, bossa nova, fusion jazz, and lounge, with a lot of French chanteuse vocals on top. The mellow groove that they create on many of the songs can be quite hypnotic. This is a nice collection of cuts covering the band'...view item »

Wow & Flutter

Wow And Flutter is a spin-off EP from 1994’s Mars Audiac Quintet album, featuring two songs from that album (but in alternate versions!) and two others that were exclusive to this release. One of those tracks is called ‘Nihilist Assault Group, Pts. 3-5’ (excellent tilting), and it is by early Stereolab...view item »

Cavern of Anti-Matter
Blood Drums

When Tim Gane of Stereolab makes a new album and only issues 500 vinyl copies of it on a small Berlin-based label you can imagine that there would be a fair few unhappy people that missed out. Worry no more. Blood Drums, the debut album by Tim Gane’s post-Stereolab band ...view item »

Cybele's Reverie

One of the very best tracks from Stereolab’s high-grade 1996 album Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Cybele’s Reverie was released as a single, and here is a sneakily retained promo of said single. One of the album’s poppier numbers, it appears here with four other tracks. Rare, collectable, and I think...view item »

Not Music

Are they no longer high-frequency discs? I was obsessed with these lot when I was around me early 20's. Yes I sent off for all the limited 7"s, made sure I bought the spangly vinyl 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' and sat there on my bed poring over it like it was an artifact from space (I think it actually was...) then they went lounge kitsch jazz and ...view item »

Oscillons From The Anti-Sun

Stereolab have a box set out! the Moog loving jazzters have compiled a best of with 3 CDs of audio joy & a crunching DVD to boot! No I won't bloody open it!!!! You all know what it sounds like, surely! 'Oscillons From The Anti-Sun' is on DHF, y'knaa. It's a tasty comp of early stuff, later stuff, deleted singles, B sides and general...view item »

Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Dead C, Boredoms, Various
Sonic Youth Presents All Tomorrows Parties 1.1

All Tomorrow's Parties hits America this year and to celebrate it there's a lovely new CD called 1.1...... (vinyl to follow) with tracks on by Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Unwound, Cat Power, Stereolab, Stephen Malkmus, Papa M, Cannibal Ox, Dead C, Boredoms, Kevin Drumm and Masami Akita with ...view item »

Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The MIlky Night

'Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night' is one of Stereolab's most collaborative releases ever, featuring members of a variety of other kindred spirit post-rock/experimental acts, from Tortoise to Jim O'Rourke.  It's being reissued by 1972 Records, putting Stereolab's most controversial record on display once again. Re...view item »

Switched On

Way early (1992) compilation release of even earlier Stereolab material: in fact, this is the very earliest Stereolab material there is. Switched On compiles the Super 45 EP, the Super-Electric EP, and the Stunning Debut Album 7”, and for all those rarities this is a pre...view item »

Dots and Loops

Considered by many to be one of Stereolab's finest studio recordings, 1997's Dots and Loops is reissued on vinyl as a double LP. The follow-up to critically-lauded 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup', this album sees the band take another step away from their earlier minimalist Velvet Underground / Kraut Rock-influenced durge vibe, and edge closer to Europ...view item »

Chemical Chords

Was listening to Stereolab's latest album 'Chemical Chords' and failed to entertain me. It's weird seeing them on 4AD like. As well as the double vinyl LP there is a limited edition Japanese edition of the CD available with extra tracks and in a mini gatefold sleeve an obi strip. I used to like Stereolab but I'm not into their recent material as ...view item »

Emperor Tomato Ketchup

'Emperor Tomato Ketchup' is often held up as the crowning achivement of post-rock/psychedelic outfit Stereloab, fronted by the bizarre, left-field songwriting of Laetitia Sadier and Tim Gane. On 'Emperor Tomato Ketchup', the band's affection for pop music and for newer strands of experimental rock intersect, making for a record both accessible a...view item »

Beck, Stereolab, Eels, Apples In Stereo, Various
Dimension Mix

The Free Design

Stereolab fans have become accustomed to finding some of the best tracks on the harder-to-find EPs released as singles with each LP. This single set exemplifies that trend. The second track here, "Escape Pod (From the World of Medical Observation)" is essential listening from this period. "The Free Design," the song which also appears on Cobra a...view item »

Fab Four Suture

Stereolab are one of those bands that I used to quite like (although I only ever owned Peng!) and then kind of left alone after they went a bit dodgy. Well they've returned to their original home at Too Pure and are now in fine form with latest opus 'Fab Four Suture'. Almost a ...view item »

Mars Audiac Quintet

Krautrock mixed with wannabe futurist moog music, 'Mars Audiac Quintet' lives up to its name and ambitions. Stereolab followed up their swirly and softer, less noisy 'Transient Random Noise Bursts With Announcements' with this record, and their tender leaning towards pop music remains. The record is getting a reissue along with its bizarre sibli...view item »

Captain Easychord

Stereolab release their 1st new single in some time Captain Easychord confused me senseless. Beatlesy in places and very odd. Loads of different stuff happening all over the place and it will take you 3-4 listens to work out what's going on. Very different for them and I really enjoyed it but am...view item »

Instant O In The Universe

Established Norman Records faves Stereolab return after a prolonged absence with a new E.P. called  'Instant O in the Universe'. Their 1st since the sad death of Mary Hansen, this sees them on buoyant form with opener '...suddenly Stars" being a bubbly 'Lab classic. Usual lounge jazz territory is ...view item »

Margerine Eclipse

And lastly from me today, we have a new album in by London jazz pop combo Stereolab. Now I'm not one to dis such a respected long running institution as T'lab but surely after 13 years they should have called it a day & delved into other areas of interest. Same goes for the likes of Sonic Youth as far ...view item »

Stereolab, Afghan Whigs, Various
The Lost Weekend


The new Stereolab LP is in and it's called Sound Dust. After extensive playing (about 6-7 times, cos I really wanted to like this) I can confirm that it's decidedly average. The single was a cracker, but they could do better I reckon. Opens nicely with the 1st track and stays pretty good but about half way ...view item »

Stereolab, Arab Strap, Various
Social Bodies