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Blonde Redhead - 23

Recommended by us on 13th April 2007. 19 people love me. Be the 20th...

23 by Blonde Redhead.  Vinyl 7
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9/10 according to on Fri 13 Apr, 2007

Blonde Redhead then. A very rare band indeed. They seem to be a band who've got better with age. Throughout the various phases they've gone through, they've consistently produced wonderful sounding records to make them one of the best 'guitar' bands out there. From the earlier more rawkous records to the more mellow sounds of Misery Is A Butterfly. In all honesty I don't think Blonde Redhead have got it in them to make a bad record. They're just one of these bands who've got 'it'. I was so excited about their new album '23' I practically wet myself. It's good to know I still get excited about music after all these years of being involved in the horrible thing that is the music industry (it bleeds you dry and throws your filthy guilty corpse away ready for the next victim... it has no mercy and even little us are a part of its vicious cogs). Hey this isn't a tirade against the music industry..... maybe another time! Anyway I have to say the 1st time I heard this album I was a little disappointed but then I remembered that Misery Is A Butterfly took a while to grow on me. I couldn't knock it too soon. So I took it home and listened to it it 3 times while someone came to fix a database (my life is really that interesting...) and I've come to the conclusion that it's another stormer. It seems a bit more mellow and possibly a bit more trad than their previous albums but after a few listens it starts to make more sense. The sense of melancholy, joy, and genuine emotion you can hear in the music coupled with Blonde Redheads capacity of writing fantastic tunes is a rare treat and a complete feast for your chubby ears.

Musically it's not a million miles away from Misery Is A Butterfly and if I was lazy I'd say it's part 2. Well I am lazy so I will say it's part there. Another great record from another great band. Check out their back catalogue if you haven't.... notably, Fake Can Be Just As Good, Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (especially that one!) and the 2 albums on 4AD Misery and 23. All good shit mamma.

10/10 according to on 17th April 2007

A la première écoute, on se dit que c'est juste la suite de "misery is butterfly", on est un peu déçu de pas être bouleversé par des morceaux tonitruants. A la deuxième écoute, on se dit que les morceaux ont un gros potentiel et qu'on a très hâte de les entendre respirer et s'ouvrir en concert. A la troisième écoute, la drogue commence son travail d'addiction... l'enchainement des 5 morceaux de la face A est de plus en plus prenant et le disque va accompagner à merveille l'été qui commence. PS :Les amateurs se réjouiront aussi de la sortie d'un 7" de Fabio Viscogliosi en duo avec Amadeo Pace sur une jolie reprise de Lucio Battisti...

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23 by Blonde Redhead. Vinyl LP. CAD2717.

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23 by Blonde Redhead. Vinyl 7". AD 2714.

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