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Maps & Diagrams - Antennas And Signals

Recommended by us on 16th November 2006. 2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Antennas And Signals by Maps & Diagrams
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  • Japanese CD on Moamoo/ Art Union
  • Artist: Maps & Diagrams
  • Label: Moamoo
  • Genres: Electronica / IDM
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9/10 according to on Thu 16 Nov, 2006

MAPS & DIAGRAMS then. We've been waiting for this new album to come from Japan for what seems like eons now. Finally it's here and 'Antennas And Signals' is well worth the wait. It seems there's a bit of an electronica void at the mo with electronic labels releasing indie or doing the dubstep thing to cash in so it's refreshing to hear something some decent melodic electronica again. To be honest there's nothing new on this album you wouldn't have heard before. It's a little bit crunchy at times, clicky at other times and it's often cracking and fizzing like some alka seltzer. There's hints of Funckarma in there and some of the more mellow Quinoline Yellow and it sounds like it would fit quite nicely on the Scape label. But it's done so well..... that's the difference..... By the time you hit your 4th album you really get going oui? This is space age lounge music at the future truckstop cafe. When you're ordering you're full greasy breakfast (in pill shaped form) this is what will be on soothing your precious futuristic brains. Add to that a well dodgy 70's Roger Dean style 70's prog sleeve and you've got our album of the week. Absolutely lovely.

Press release

Antennas and Signals on Moamoo is Maps and Diagrams fourth album, following on from the Free-Time, Polytuft-Tech and Caoutchouc full-length album recordings. Antennas and Signals is composed of waveforms from textures and sounds gathered from instruments and field recordings during 2005, energy was applied to constructing sound and noise from the material collected. This was then collated and constructed into the full-length album during 2005 and finally completed early 2006. The individual pieces on Antennas and Signals dissolve into one other and evolve and flow into the adjacent piece. Antennas and Signals explores the analysis of signal processing and uses microscopic textures, melodies with the aid of computer language and instrumentation. Still with the warmth and depth that Maps and Diagrams holds in his music this composition delivers a deeper, more progressive electronic sound that has clearly evolved into something special.


1. sergels torga
2. just beyond träskmossen
3. we all felt seasick
4. the same day, yesterday
5. meet me at slussen  
6. lumen landoscapes
7. man in the moon
8. people of the valley 
9. stories about the earth
10. fiber bundles 
11. the machine that changed the world
12. you just don't get enough
13. footprints and secrets
14. suisai

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