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They Might Be Giants - Idlewild: A Compilation

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Idlewild: A Compilation by They Might Be Giants.  CD.
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7/10 according to on Fri 23 May, 2014

Retrospective look at TMBG’s career since working on their own imprint Idlewild covering what I like to think of as phase three of TMBG’s career. Feel bad for saying it but I’ve totally neglected TMBGs later period. I’m old and stuck in my ways when it comes to the ‘twin quasars of rock’.

I’m still struggling with the concept of them having a band even though it happened years ago and, yes, am quietly hoping they’ll do what everyone else their age seems to be doing and tour their first few records, preferably in their original two piece plus a massive amp and a cheap sequencer guise. Saying that they still write decent songs with many fine examples present on this 17 track outing.

They may not have the inherently quirky charm of their early material but they’ve still got it, especially on Linnell penned numbers like ‘Experimental Film’, ‘I’m Impressed’ and ‘You’re On Fire’. Love these guys.

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Idlewild: A Compilation by They Might Be Giants. CD. 5060397530059.

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