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Daughter - 4AD Session

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4AD Session by Daughter.  Vinyl 12
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  • 5 track 12" EP on 4AD (BAD3418)
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  • Indies only CD EP on 4AD (BAD3418CD)
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6/10 according to on Fri 23 May, 2014

You probably have a pretty good idea what to expect from Daughter by now. This 12" has five songs performed live in the studio by the trio with a host of other musicians including a string quartet, harp, vibraphone, flute, horn, etc. It's all very moody and professional but I do find this band a little sterile-sounding in contrast to the starkly emotional Sharon Van Etten LP I just reviewed, all Sigur Ros/Coldplay/The National style atmospherics and every note perfectly in place.
The fact is, though, that's what some people want. While I sit here lamenting how predictable and un-edgy Daughter are, a hundred others will appreciate how graceful and uncomplicated their songwriting is, and how pretty Elena Tonra's voice is (it really is), and that Sigur Ros shimmer to the arrangements, sometimes building up to almost Florence-esque theatrics but mostly sticking firmly to the middle of the road.
It's okay, it doesn't really resonate with me but it's very professional and tasteful, I just wish they'd step out of their comfort zone every once in a while. They have all the ingredients required for something great but I wish they'd do something a bit more interesting with them.

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4AD Session by Daughter. Vinyl 12". BAD3418.

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4AD Session by Daughter. CD. BAD3418CD.

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