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Menace Beach - Lowtalker

Recommended by us on 10th January 2014. 2 people love me. Be the 3rd...

Lowtalker by Menace Beach
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  • 12" EP on Memphis Industries (MI0295T)
  • Artist: Menace Beach
  • Label: Memphis Industries
  • Genres: Indie Pop
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9/10 according to on Fri 10 Jan, 2014

The meteoric rise of local scuzz-rock upstarts Menace Beach is almost beyond comprehension. I should probably fact check this but I’m sure they’d signed to Memphis Industries after playing as little as five or six live gigs. Pretty good going if you ask me and obviously helped by their impressive first EP (‘Dream Out’ still available for pretty much free on their Bandcamp page) and debut single for Too Pure (probably sold out now I’m guessing), all of which make great ear candy.

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the majority of 2013 then you’ll probably know that Menace Beach consist of the songwriting nucleus of Ryan Needham (previously of Komakino and You Animals...he’s the handsome Tim Wheeler one) and Liza Violet (ex-You Animals, also doing the rounds with Department M) backed by Derby buddy and ex-You Animals man Matt, Sky Larkin drummer Nestor and Leeds very own super producer and Hookworms mainman MJ. It’s basically a supergroup ripping through Leeds and fucking up everyone elses shit!

They’ve somehow managed to take fringe elements of the 90’s UK indie rock boom and forge it with the very bands that helped inspire the movement in the first place, hence they effortlessly come off sounding like the bastard offspring of Pixies, Medicine, Pavement, Quickspace and Urusei Yatsura...with tunes in abundance (you remember tunes right?).  

Strongest material here is the fakey mellotron wonkiness of ‘Fortune Teller’, super slacker anthem ‘Nervous’, with it’s supremely catchy lead line, and personal favourite ‘Honolulu’, which not only shares its namesake with the lost classic Cable track but also a little of it’s DNA, especially in that dirty ass bassline.

Basically it’s all over for the other Leeds bands. Quit now. Settle down, raise a family...I’m not even joking.


6/10 according to on 31st January 2014

"Yet, despite its curious cast – in which there must surely be an ego or two – the five-track Lowtalker EP is far from showy. It is playful though, shuffling through its caprices at the drop of a hat. "

Read the full review here: http://www.sicmagazine.net/7129/menace-beach-lowtalker-ep/



Press release

  • Menace Beach are Leeds based twosome Ryan Needham (vocals, guitar) and Liza Webster (vocals / guitar / synths), plus a revolving cast of local musicians. 

  • ‘Lowtalker’ is the band’s first release for their new label home Memphis Industries following a string of singles, including the ‘Dream Out’ EP on French label Desire Records and the Drop Outs 7” on the acclaimed Too Pure Singles Club. 

  • Written over a summer of endless bleary-eyed bouts of insomnia, the first few Menace Beach tracks captured the zero attention span and spontaneous, weird-out nature of a couple of minds totally zoned-in to a fuzz pedal and a cassette recorder in the dead of night. 

  • After several untreated breakdowns and a subsequent rash decision to relocate to Leeds, Ryan and Liza shacked up with MJ (Hookworms) to re-imagine their crackly 8-track demos. Joining them on the session were friends Nestor Matthews (Sky Larkin), Matt Spalding, and Robert Lee (Pulled Apart By Horses), who fought their way through Liza’s rats nest of cables and homemade synth modules to blast through the songs during another all-nighter, having so much fun in the process that they all decided to stick around. 

  • The Menace Beach vortex has also recently sucked in Paul Draper of Mansun who performed with them on their Marc Riley session for 6Music. 

  • Ryan says of the new EP: “If, lyrically, the first load of songs we did were a document of losing it again, being ill, moving cities, and all that comes with that, then I guess the songs on ‘Lowtalker’ are about the aftermath of that; getting better, making friends and trying to reconnect mentally and spiritually. I feel like there’s a lot of positivity on there.” 

  • ‘Lowtalker’ was recorded, produced and mixed with MJ at his Suburban Home studios in Leeds over four pizza, coffee and falafel fuelled days. The result is a kaleidoscopic vision of fuzzed out, psychy pop, exemplified by key tracks ‘Fortune Teller’ and ‘Where I Come From’. 

  • 12” single includes digital download. 

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