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In Circles by Maps & Diagrams.  CD.
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  • Ltd deluxe art edition CD on Time Released Sound. Edition of 70 copies w/ beautiful handmade artwork (TRS037)
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  • Digipak CD on Time Released Sound. Edition of 200 copies (TRS037)
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7/10 according to on Fri 15 Nov, 2013

Cork. Like it or loathe it, it's here to stay. Limited copies of the new Maps and Diagrams album came in a kind of cork cover with bits of paper and stuff in there (actually a 75 year old text). But that's almost sold out so you might have to make do with the normal digipack version which has a scan of some cork instead.

The music is the kind of electronica that used to be ten ha’ penny a few years ago. It twinkles, it drifts, it relaxes. The sounds are generally produced on some kind of electronic type equipment rather than the more organic sound produced by Celer and the like. The soft keys pick out lovely shimmering notes seemingly at random, but when listened to over the course of several minutes they become quite engaging.

My favourite track is number 10 ‘Lotus’ which is pure elongated  atmospherics, as soft as sitting on a cloud. ‘Madrid’ uses carefully plucked guitars and bird song to find new exciting ways of soothing your ears. The album has been on the stereo for a long long time and no-one has complained, everyone is pottering away quite happily with it drifting away. Another record to help the insomniacs amongst you.

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In Circles by Maps & Diagrams. CD. TRS037.

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In Circles by Maps & Diagrams. CD. TRS037.

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