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POLICA - Shulamith

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Shulamith by POLICA
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  • Indies only red coloured vinyl 2LP on Memphis Industries (MI0283LPX)
  • Artist: POLICA
  • Label: Memphis Industries
  • Genres: Indie Pop, Electropop/Synthpop
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7/10 according to on Thu 17 Oct, 2013

Minneapolis combo Polica have been getting a lot of attention since their previous album ‘Give You The Ghost’ hit to widespread acclaim last year. We sold quite a lot of it but I never actually heard that album, so now I’m getting caught up on what the kids are into via their latest album ‘Shulamith’, which is here in a tempting indies-only red vinyl 2LP package.

This troupe, led by singer Channy Leaneagh and producer Ryan Olson, formerly of Gayngs, deal in a kind of soulful nocturnal synthpop with slick minimal beats and often unconventionally treated vocals. It’s quite sparse and sleepy, with shades of Dead Can Dance or O-Rod’s recent ‘Octopus Kool Aid’ synthpop venture, all silky blackness stretching into an impenetrable distance. The Knife and Niki and the Dove are other obvious points of reference but this tends to be cooler and more restrained, perhaps closer to The xx save the occasional outburst.

I’m enjoying the slick synthetic chug of the repetitive ‘Very Cruel’ - it’s when they settle into these cool and robotic and yet swooningly nonchalant grooves that they’re at their best, although at other times it can drift into a forgettable Dido-esque commercial pop trudge where I kind of feel like I’m waiting for the next interesting thing to happen. Even at its worst it’s pretty inoffensive, and there are a few flashes of undeniable excellence to keep you persevering, but whether Polica live up to the intimidating hype heaped on them is a matter of opinion.

10/10 according to on 16th October 2013

Having only recently discovered Polica at a Sigur Ros gig, I have been spending hours listening to their debut album 'Give you the ghost'. Headphones a must!

So, I am somewhat overwhelmed to now be listening to Shulamith, their follow-up. Again, headphones add something special to the listen. I have never (in 46 years) heard such rich, deep sounds as on this album. The bass in particular will make your bones reverberate, in a very nice way.

The melodies are as strong as on the first album, but there is more complexity this time, the songs are just so deep. The vocals amaze me, a truly lovely voice in its bare form is distorted and reverbed and twisted, so that it is something of pure joy. With poignant lyrics too. All on their website.

I have just listened to it streaming all day, and now on headphones, and I have never heard anything like this before. Unique, totally unique. The future of music?

Have a listen, it's going to be huge.


Press release

  • Poliça return with their second album ‘Shulamith’, the follow up to 2012’s universally acclaimed breakthrough debut ‘Give You The Ghost’. 

  • Founded by vocalist Channy Leaneagh and producer Ryan Olson out of the ashes of Minneapolis collective Gayngs, and featuring Drew Christopherson and Ben Ivascu on drums and Chris Bierden on bass, Poliça’s ‘Give You The Ghost’ was released in April of last year. Seemingly from nowhere it became one of 2012’s standout debut albums. The band made their UK live debut in June 2012, with two packed nights at the tiny Camp Basement in London, and less than a year later, March 2013 saw the band play a triumphant show to a sold out Shepherds Bush Empire. 

  • From the flurry of warped metallic electronica and razor- sharp groove of opener ‘Chain My Name’, with its stark and rushing refrain, the angular R&B-pop futurism of ‘I Need $’, its sweetly earworm hook belying lyrics of alternately helplessness and defiance, to the gliding, bird’s eye meditation of closer ‘So Leave’, ‘Shulamith’ reaffirms Poliça as one of the most fascinating and vital groups in forward-thinking pop. 

  • Available on CD and double LP . 

  • Additionally, a special red vinyl edition will be exclusively available to independent retailers, limited to 500 copies. 


Chain My Name



Warrior Lord

Very Cruel




Spilling Lines


I Need $

So Leave

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