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IVVVO - Future EP

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Future EP by IVVVO
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  • 12" on Public Information. Edition of 500 copies in hand-numbered debossed sleeve (PUBINF009)
  • Artist: IVVVO
  • Label: Public Information
  • Genres: Electronic, Techno
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8/10 according to on Wed 19 Jun, 2013

Here’s an EP on Public Information from Portuguese producer IVVVO with a selection of short(ish) but sweet tracks of modern house/techno/electronica stylings. Opening impressively with ‘Darkness in my Soul’, IVVVO combines some sweet analogue synth drones and tone bursts with thudding beats and a looped vocal sample for a lush but shadowy workout, then ‘Before The Death Of Rave’ mixes a techno beat with synthetic female voice drones, bassy synth stabs and a bloopy, chaotic high-end melody in bright library tones. The side ends with a plaintive bit of piano bathed in analogue hiss and crackle like it’s been dug up from the past.

Side B’s ‘Future’ opens with a wonderful stuttering locked-groove rhythm which then gets joined by understated acid touches and a muffled, decaying synth playing a dreamy, tumbling melody which is reminding me of Boards of Canada. Then ‘Under Grey’ continue this mix of acid techno brightness and blurry intangibility, but this time it’s reminding me more of a crisper, treblier take on Burial’s driftstep vibes. Then this side ends, as the other did, with a lovely sad piano instrumental, allowing you to reflect on what you just heard. Thankfully what you just heard was rather good.


Press release

Limited edition of 500, housed in debossed sleeve, individually hand numbered.

The first in a series of limited edition 12" aimed at the dancefloor. IVVVO, a young producer from Portugal with previous form on Opal Tapes and is closely affiliated with the Photonz crew - The Future EP presents his most exciting work yet.

Six transmissions long - vinyl scarred, abrasive and heartbroken, IVVVO reaches into early UK rave music for inspiration, but twists the end-game. The yearning vocal, the minor key whisper, the shuffling breakbeat, the bleep, the bloop, and the seeping tape-bleed - all present. Yet IVVVO mangles these core elements of dance music past into something that sizzles headfirst into 2013.

Opening cut "Darkness In My Soul" kicks off the record in a sad glare of tone bursts, aching lead lines and throbbing kicks. Elsewhere he reaches into his bag for stinging hats and nagging hooks. All tracks clock in shy of five minutes. IVVVO's way is the quick release, the instant blast, the cute melodic touch... smouldering in warehouse black. No time for bloated dance formulas here.

And then, the piano. Bookending either side sits a pair of devastating miniatures, played on his Grandma's piano, prepared, cloaked in hiss and ending these plates with a kiss of forlorn ambience. A funereal flourish to the Death of Rave... to the Future


Darkness In My Soul / Before The Death Of Rave / Rave Pt.1 / Future / Under Grey / Rave Pt. 2.

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